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What you will find inside these books

Ozzie Freedom
Hello, my name is Ozzie Freedom and I’m the Founder of Water4Gas and the author of the original Water4Gas eBooks that sold over 55,000 copies since 2006. In my estimation I reached at least 10 million people with this technology, through my readers and students. Since then we have had many copycats, but none captured the simplicity and affordability of the original Water4Gas eBooks. Therefore, we are now releasing a revised version of the eBooks – we made it simpler to implement in your car, truck, portable generator, stationary generator, scooter, boat and farm machines.

  • These improvements, as you will see, have become possible thanks to our sharing philosophy – you will learn not only from me but from the experience of 1000’s of Water4Gas experimenters.
  • This is a Do-It-Yourself technology, EASY – you can do at home with simple tools.
  • Very affordable: a complete system costs between $50-$200.
  • Water is supplemental to gasoline. You still use gasoline or Diesel fuel, but many have achieved double mileage (although there is no promise since this is all experimental). This means, now more than half their energy comes from water!
  • SIMPLE to install and remove: the solution you’ve been looking for!
  • Boost performance while preventing smog.
  • You’ll discover how to generate free energy in your car – for real and at low cost.

These books took years to complete and are the result of the efforts of many, many Water4Gas experimenters. You will learn:

  1. BOOK 1 “BUILD THE SYSTEM” – how to make and install the low-cost Water4Gas system shown below, including a complete list of parts and tips to build it as quickly and as easily as possible with simple home tools;
  2. BOOK 2 “GET THE MILEAGE” – this books is not less important because here you will learn how to fine-tune it to actually MAXIMIZE your fuel economy!


You’ll also learn how to make and successfully install a low-cost Water4Gas system on a semi-trailer (18-wheeler, lorry):


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  • Started small in 2006…
  • During the passing decade, the knowledge has grown, matured and modernized…
  • In 2016 both books were fully updated – and are now offered in PDF format that you can easily print or read on any computer screen.
  • Use the download links below. If nothing happens when you click the large blue buttons, right-click each one and then select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” to save each book to your computer. If this is not your computer, you should be able to read them online (if it’s painfully slow that way, seek help from a friend or librarian).

Happy Mileage!
Ozzie Freedom