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The title of the book reads:

The GREEN SCIENCE of WATERFUEL: Free Energy Secrets “THEY” Don’t Want You to Know

Waterfuel – Hoax or Fact? Does “Free Energy” break the rules of physics – or is it nothing but bad math?

Is it new or old, like, really OLD, as in ANCIENT?

Who are the scientists behind it – and how does each one explain Waterfuel?

And who are “THEY” that don’t want you to know about Waterfuel?

Use this book to educate others with well-documented scientific truth rather than rumors and bad math.

This is an eye-opener for anyone who ever had doubts whether Waterfuel was for real. This heavyweight 1255-page book is jam-packed with information, illustrations and diagrams showing every aspect of Waterfuel.

You’ll not only discover the truth and the LONG-LONG history of Waterfuel but you’ll also be able to SHOW IT as a well-documented proof that this technology is backed up by many scientists, inventors and engineers. Show that Waterfuel has been published and peer-reviewed in many 1000’s of pages of:

  • 460 Patents from the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Korea and more – covering 154 years of Waterfuel patenting and totaling about 6,000 pages.
  • Governmental, scientific and engineering documentation.
  • Moreover, links inside the book lead you to some 10,000 more pages for further study, mostly available for downloading free of charge.

This is a must-have resource for open-minded students of physics and energy, developers, inventors and all Cleantech and Free-Energy enthusiasts.



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The information has been compiled and organized by Ozzie Freedom who also wrote several chapters, but the science and lab tests are from world-renown scientists and experts: George Wiseman, William Rhodes, Sir Anthony Griffin, Moray King, Chris Eckman, Andrija Puharich, P.M. Kanarev, R.M. Santilli, Viktor Schauberger, Tyler van Houwelingen, to name a few. In fact, the acknowledgement list pays homage to many more scientists, researchers and experimenters, listed here alphabetically by last name:

Juan Carlos Aguero
Waqar Ahmad
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Akilli
Prof. Dr. Murat Aksoy
Herman Anderson
Prof. Dr. Kadir Aydin
Saiful Bari
Andrew Batty
Thomas Bearden
Eshel Ben-Jacob
Roger Billings
Archie Blue
Albert Bow
Bob Boyce
Robert Boyle
Prof. Yull Brown
Henry Cavendish
Francisco Celani
Carl Cella
Donald Cerini
Martin Chaplin
Nicolas Chauvin
Prof. Chun Shun Cheung
Arthur C. Clarke
Francois Cornish Peter Crunk
Leonardo DaVinci
Jerry Decker
Daniel Dingle
Detlef Dohmen
Zafer Dülger
Jean-Christophe Dumas
Steven Eaton
Chris Eckman
Dustin P. ‘Eletrik’ (“Smack”)
Yehia Eldrainy
Mohamed EL-Kassaby
Dr. Masaru Emoto
Rudolf Erren
Mohammad Esmaeil
Michael Faraday
Martin Fleischmann
Hugh Flynn
Charles Frazer
Dr. Frank Frungel
Gustav Fuehler
Sergey Gannotsky
Luigi Galvani
David Gann
Charles Garrett
Carl Friederich Gauss Robinson Gourley
Peter Graneau
Art Green
James Griggs
Rudolph Gunnerman
Stephen Hawking
Horace Heffner
Gary Hendershot
Stephen Horvath
John Houseman
Tyler van Houwelingen
“Joe-X” (Joe Cell inventor)
Philipp Kanarev
Song Doug Kang
John Kanzius
John Keely
Mike Kehrli
Zoltan Kémeri-Greguss
Mohamed Khidr
Kareem Khidr
Sang Nam Kim
Moray King
Dennis Klein
Dave Lawton
Mark LeClair
Moshe Lerner
Dr. Chi Wah Leung
Hendrik Loggers
Eugene Mallove
Jeane Manning
Lars Månsson
Mori Masahiro
James Clerk Maxwell
Ronn Maxwell
Roy McAlister
Rick McKean
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Stanley Meyer
Mayor Lollis Meyers
Andrew Michrowski
Randell Mills
Wilhelm Mohorn
Luc Montagnier
Yoshiro Nakamatsu
Jean-Louis Naudin
Robert Nelson
Isaac Newton
George Noory
Ryushin Ohmasa
K.R. Özçelık
Francisco Pacheco
Henry Paine Paul Pantone
James Patterson
Jim Payne
Stanley Pons
Thomas Prevenslik
Andrija Puharich
Ravi Raju
Andrea Rampado
Nattan Ravichandran
William Rhodes
Francois de Rivaz
Alex Rivera
James Robey
Len Rosen
Andrea Rossi
Vernon Roth
Johannes Rydberg
Ruggero Santilli
Viktor Schauberger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Alex Schiffer
Lewis J. Schneller
Robert Scragg
Dr. R. Senthil
Jeffrey Serfass
Aly Hafez Shaaban
Joe Shea
Boris Shelishch Ken Shoulders
Ilia Sinelnikov
P.T. Sowba
Ernst Spirig
Joe Spiteri Sargent
Olof Sten
Roger Stringham
Ted Suratt
Nikola Tesla
Aviv Tzidon
Thomas Valone
Robert Vancina
Jason Verbelli
Jules Verne
Gijsbert Versteeg
Gary Vesperman
Ray Warren
Charles Weber
Freddy Wells
David Wenbert
Bill Williams
Dan Winter
William Woollard
Ali Can Yilmaz
Jian Hao Zhou
Paul Zigouras
W. Thor Zollinger.

Special thanks to Tom and Bill Lang and George Wiseman who taught me the basic Waterfuel open source technology, to 18-wheeler truck owners-operators Jerry Young and Carter Blankenship III who have experimented on their own trucks and contributed their findings for the benefit of other truckers, to Patrick J. Kelly, Pini Abergil, Nexus Magazine and members of Water4Gas Experimenters Club for their extensive research, moral support and continual inspiration.


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