The Mecca of Water4Gas

Many events have been conducted to spread the word of Water4Gas and SHOW people that it’s real. The biggest ones were:

  • Woodley Park, Van Nuys, California – started by Ozzie Freedom and dubbed “The Mecca of Water4Gas because it brought people from far away states and countries.
  • HHO Games arranged by Joe Shea in Florida, USA: visit

  • Rick McKean’s Hydrogen Fuel Rally in Carslbad, New Mexico, USA.

Water4Gas USA Tours

Presentation from the 2009 tour, prepared by Rick McKean:

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Ozzie Freedom toured the USA twice and attended a series of events arranged by Water4Gas members (3 upper photos in the second column are from free Water4Gas lessons given by Ozzie in a Los Angeles high school):

Water4Gas events USA

Ozzie Freedom and Friends

Modest beginning – a dozen visitors near Ozzie’s home in Studio City, California

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Then, we moved to a park in Los Angeles that became too tight after 2 weeks…

It was there that Channel 5 News (Los Angeles) came to cover a Water-Hybrid presentation in a Saturday Water4Gas event.


Eventually no spot was big enough but Woodley Park, Van Nuys, California


Ozzie Freedom with his son Nitsan, the producer of Water4Gas DVD’s

HHO Games


Rick McKean’s Hydrogen Fuel Rally

Carsbad, New Mexico

Bennie Johns, left, accepts the First Prize from Rick McKean in the 6th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Rally of 2014, nailing a 60% gain!