Successful Installations Around The World


  • Water4Gas IS NOT A TECHNICAL DICTATORSHIP BUT AN EXPERIMENTERS’ CLUB — A HUB FOR COLLECTING AND RE-DISTRIBUTING THE KNOWLEDGE FROM EXPERIMENTERS. It is neither within our scope nor within our means to travel around the world and verify each story. But we have done our duty to re-experiment on our own engines WITH OUR STUDENTS’ FEEDBACK TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION in order to re-publish information which is as truthful and as updated as as possible.
  • None of the devices and systems portrayed here is identical to the other, or to the Water4Gas books & DVDs – because IT IS ALL EXPERIMENTAL and because all combinations of engine/fuel/load/weather/etc. can never be the same. Ever since Water4Gas was founded in 2006, it was experimental and our readers and students were encouraged to try various designs and methods AND TO (VOLUNTARILY) REPORT BACK FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEIR FELLOW EXPERIMENTERS.
  • THESE SUCCESS STORIES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FROM Water4Gas EXPERIMENTERS DIRECTLY OR VIA TV NEWS CHANNELS, YOUTUBE AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS. They should never be taken as a promise of results!!!!!  To fully clarify this point read our Terms of Service.
  • You will see this heading whenever experimenters have reported near-double mileage, double, and in some cases more-than-double or even TRIPLE the original mileage:


  • Nothing said here is meant to diminish the importance, value or quality of other systems!!!  The purpose of this page is to prove that the DIY technology taught in the Water4Gas books & DVDs works wonders AS AN ENTRY LEVEL and has already produced many amazing results around the world with many types of engines – and furthermore that satisfactory Water4Gas results have been independently published worldwide for over a decade now. Water4Gas not only likes other and better systems – but also sends them more business because it allows any skeptic to see what he can achieve with very-low-cost technology; the Waterfuel industry had better view Water4Gas as its ENTRY LEVEL rather than a rival.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a very specialized field of technology. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terms, formulas and mathematics used in these success stories then you need to read or watch the Water4Gas books & DVDs.


DOUBLE MILEAGE is NOT promised, but…

…Double Mileage has been reported for many older and newer vehicles!!!

Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia, was featured on TV News Channel WVEC

With Water4Gas installed in his then new Chevrolet Avalanche, Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia has more than DOUBLED THE MILEAGE of his 2008 Chevy Avalanche from 20 to 40 MPG on the highway – and in town he NEARLY TRIPLED from 8 to 20 MPG! (250%)


Ray Warren from Millersburg, Oregon, USA, was featured on TV News Channel KATU

Also with proper Water4Gas installation, Ray Warren from Millersburg, Oregon and many others (including Ozzie with gasoline and Diesel cars) have achieved AND HAVE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED extreme mileage after some fine tuning (per the books, DVD and/or Troubleshooter).


Water4Gas installer Robert Rosen from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, was featured on Local 10 News

Water4Gas installer Ben Overbeck from Mckinleyville, California, USA, was featured on KIEM-TV News Channel 3


The videos and letters below are only a few samples from the many Water4Gas success stories that we’ve been receiving from all corners of the Earth. There are about 150 Water4Gas success stories and thank-you letters posted here. We have 1000’s of students and they have 1000’s more students, too, therefore we can only estimate that the overall number of successful installations is in the thousands of Water4Gas success stories from cars, pickup trucks and semi-trailer trucks, motorcycles, scooters, boats, generators – as well as smog test success stories. Read on and watch the videos.


Trucks Success

Jerry Young from Sparks, Nevada, USA

Several separate and unrelated 18-wheelers achieved a over 20% better mileage consistently and with nothing but simple Water4Gas that they have built with their own hands is definitely “OUTLANDISH” – much better than Ozzie has anticipated in his wildest dreams for this type of vehicle using nothing but Water4Gas!!! Mr. Young also reported a reduction of 10 degrees in engine temperature, MUCH cleaner exhaust stacks, cleaner engine oil and the million-mile engine not only “feels like new” but also pulls 30% faster uphill with full load.

I do not own an 18-wheeler but after publishing the written/photo reports by Carter Blankenship III from Tennessee, I have also done a full-day interview with Jerry Young, owner of Young’s Trucking company, and documented HIS entire Water4Gas installation methods on this truck:

Carter Blankenship III from Tennessee, USA

Another semi-trailer truck owner-operator is Carter Blankenship III who is photographed below (standing in the middle) with the original developers of the DIY Water4Gas jar system, Tom Lang (left) and his twin brother Bill Lang (Right). Blankenship sent us this photo in February 2008. He reported results similar to Jerry Young with his Water4Gas system that he made per Ozzie’s books, namely a 26% better fuel economy on his 1999 Kenwood truck, more torque uphill – and furthermore his 12.7-Liter Detroit Turbo-Diesel engine, that was manufactured in 1994 and already had over a million miles at the time – now with Water4Gas “felt like new”:

Tom Lang, Carter Blankenship III, Bill Lang
Left to right: Tom Lang, Carter Blankenship III, Bill Lang (the Lang brothers developed the original glass-jar hydrogen generators back in 2006).  Do you want to learn – free of charge – how to build this system and how to PROPERLY install on your truck like Blankenship and Young did?  Download the Water4Gas books (did I mention it’s free, no strings attached?)

Both Blankenship and Young reported that their savings – DIRECTLY AND IMMEDIATELY AT THE GAS PUMP – amount to $250-$400 EACH AND EVERY WEEK. For a system that costs barely $200 to make, you can understand that they have covered their costs in the first week of using the system! This is good news for poor countries and for struggling truckers anywhere in the world. Since trucking is such an important part of most economies, this system alone can make the difference between life and death of struggling industries.


Gene Brown from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

On March 17, 2010, Eugene Brown sent this letter to the American Congress via our Petition to Congress:


This is a photo by Frank-Deanrdo, or a Freightliner Coronado. It is NOT Brown'as truck and is posted for illustrational purposes only
This photo by Frank Deanrdo is of a Freightliner Coronado semi-trailer truck. It is similar but NOT Brown’s truck; it is posted for illustrational purposes only – to give you an idea of what a huge truck was reported to get 11.8 MPG.

We don’t have the exact model of Brown’s truck, but according to the mileage of older Freightliner semi-trailers is about 6 MPG on a combined average. In the letter shown above, Brown testified to Congress that his 2003 Freightliner semi-trailer truck (“18-wheeler” or lorrie) achieved phenomenal mileage with Water4Gas, 11.8 MPG on the average – which other truckers would find hard to believe – until they try Water4Gas in their own trucks. 

By the way, our complete do-it-yourself technology for LARGE trucks is now free to download and free to use – including commercial use – meaning that any skilled trucker or mechanic can now build AND FREELY SELL these same Water4Gas systems that helped Carter Blankenship III, Jerry Young and Eugene Brown save many $1000 in their own “big rig” (large semi-trailer) trucks. The Water4Gas books contain complete step-by-step instructions, with detailed photos of Jerry Young’s installation, on how to build and install a Water4Gas system in a semi-trailer truck. DOWNLOAD HERE for free, and you can even teach others using our DVD set. This can save the trucking industry!

Schwarzenegger wants truckers to know about Water4Gas

This happened during the GO GREEN Summit in California, 2009. Water4Gas installer Alex Rivera of Northridge, California, introduced the then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the technology and benefits of Water4Gas technology. Schwarzenegger seems to like the idea and says to his secretary:

Arnold_Schwarzenegger150x150“We need to get the information out to the Diesel trucks”.

I cannot agree with you more, Mr. Schwarzenegger!


Smog Success

Water4Gas installer Alex Rivera from California (toughest smog tests) testifies in our Woodland Park public events about his own smog test in his older truck:

When my smog man did this test he said “It’s impossible!” — he didn’t say it is amazing, he said it’s impossible!
~Alex Rivera, Northridge, California

CLICK TO ENLARGE. This is the Smog Test from the above video. CO2 and CO went down to ZERO!!! The NOx went down 85.6% and the output of oxygen to the atmosphere was almost doubled. HC (the least dangerous gas) went from 28 to 40 PPM but was still lower than average (45) and way lower than maximum (110).

In this next video Alex Rivera is interviewed by Grant Sheehan and gives more details about the smog results, and answers other common questions regarding the technology and expected results (Rivera says his installations save between 20% and 50% of fuel for his customers on the average, and that only in rare cases results go out of this range).

Ford Econoline 150: Smog Test shows (1) drastic reduction in harmful emissions, and (2) it ADDS 30% MORE OXYGEN to the atmosphere!

smog test science book

Bill Lang’s smog test story



Can Water4Gas save fuel on stationary engines?

Honda Portable Generator – Controlled Fuel Consumption Test

Filmed in 2008 at Woodland Park before Water4Gas enthusiasts including Ozzie Freedom, the Water4Gas chief support engineer and visitors. The brand new, unaltered Honda genset (portable generator) ran 3:21 minutes on 30 cc of gasoline; then, with a single Water4Gas jar it ran 4:06 minutes on the same amount of gasoline, proving an immediate fuel economy boost of  22.4%. NOTE: If this was an old and heavily used generator, the overall effect could be greater as Water4Gas cleans out the carbon deposits that had accumulated in the engine.

Alternative Link:

Briggs & Stratton Generator: 23.2% average gain in TIME to empty (+15% in full power, +29.6% in half power, +25% in idle) with a single Water4Gas cell

TEST SUBJECT: STATIONARY Briggs & Straton 18 HP Twin Cylinder  Model # 422707 – 3,600 RPM

100% POWER without HHO—-400ml of  97 OCT unleaded gas—-10 min. run time to empty
100% POWER    with HHO—-400ml of  97 OCT unleaded gas—-11 min run time to empty
100% POWER    with HHO—-400ml of  97 OCT unleaded gas + 1 oz Lucas Fuel Add.—-12 min run time to empty

50% POWER without HHO—–400ml of 97  OCT unleaded gas—-13.5 min run time to empty
50% POWER    with HHO—–400ml of 97 OCT  unleaded gas—–17 min run time to empty
50% POWER    with HHO—–400ml of 97 OCT  unleaded gas + 1 oz Lucas Fuel Add.—-18 min run time to empty

Idle speed without HHO—-400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas——20 min run time to empty
Idle speed    with HHO—-400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas——24 min run time to empty
Idle speed    with HHO—-400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas + 1oz Lucas Fuel Add.—–26 min run time to empty

100% POWER = 3,600 RPM
50% POWER = 1,800 RPM
Idle speed = 800–900 RPM

Used your new design for this test!!!
Just messing around with a smaller engine for about 6 hours but had very promising results with 1 cell system!!
Fairview, Tennessee



More success with cars and light trucks

Honda CRX: 60 MPG instead of 35 MPG = 71.4% better mileage

Filmed at at Woodland Park, 2008:

Ford Taurus (“heavy wagon” says its owner): 30% better mileage

2006 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck: 37% Better Fuel Mileage

Ben Parker from California testifies at Woodland Park, 2008. He :

The image below is not a video but a screenshot from a video that has been removed from YouTube – but this very same footage is still included in another video on Ben Parker testified that he had improved his 2006 Toyota Tacoma’s mileage from 13 MPG to 18 MPG in the city (38% boost) 18 MPG to 26 MPG on the highway (44% boost). Parker is a professional mechanic who has achieved this profound mileage using only ONE hydrogen-on-demand cell that he had learned to make from Water4Gas books


1998 Ford Explorer Sport:  Highway MPG up 56%, city MPG up 35%

Grant Sheehan testifies and describes the system installed on his truck by Water4Gas student Alex Rivera of Northridge, California, now a professional Water4Gas installer.

In the past few months this video got over 66 million views on Facebook…

…and the counter keeps climbing fast! Search “water4gas video anonymous” on Facebook to see how many views it has now:

1995 Chevrolet Astro (heavy van) with 190,000 miles: 55% better mileage, great smog test, smooth engine

This testimonial (posted on YouTube in July 2008) comes from Oregon, USA, and he describes the jars exactly as taught in the Water4Gas books. In this video he endorses both the quality of information and the great results he gets from using the technology described in the books on his old van:

This is just the best hydrogen generator on the market without a shadow of a doubt. — I’ve been messing with hydrogen generators for probably about 7 years, and then when I got the plans for this one I was just blown away! Very inexpensive to make.

The one I’m running on my truck right now, I went from 15.5 miles to the gallon to about 24 miles to the gallon – CONSISTENTLY.

I’m saving a fortune on gas. My van has 190,000 miles on it. It’s an old ’95 Astro Van, and everything just runs flawlessly.

I had a really bad idle problem on my particular truck and I’ve never been able to get it handled, it’d be a real lumpy(1) idle, and as soon as I got the unit on there within about 2 minutes the idle completely smoothed out.

Before I installed this I went through DEQ(2) here in Oregon and after I’ve had installed it and I had it in there for about 4 or 5 days I went through DEQ again. My emissions dropped by about 400% – that’s absolutely fantastic! I mean, we’ve got to a point where we can’t keep polluting the environment the way we’ve been doing that and that’s why I’m so passionate about selling these – I want to see one of these on every car in America – and Canada.
~Tony Bradshaw,

(1) Lumpy: crude, rough, choppy.
(2) DEQ: The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

In the next video, too, he repeats the same results – from 15.5 MPG to 24 MPG – on his own 1995 Chevrolet Astro van. The design shown here was good but since the making of this video we’ve upgraded the design to be even more efficient and you can replicate it, absolutely free of charge, by downloading the latest Water4Gas Books here.

1992 Chevy (350 V-8 engine): DOUBLE MILEAGE! 14 MPG to 28 MPG

Ted from the Vancouver Gadgeteers Club, Northbank, British Columbia, Canada, testifies for DOUBLE MILEAGE with the 6-cell Water4Gas system.

152 miles on 1/8 of a tank, smooth engine start

After Nate from Orange County, California, installed a Water4Gas system in his large vehicle, he shows how he drove 152 miles using only an eighth of the gas tank! He then decided to start a business installing Water4Gas devices in customers cars.


2002 Chevrolet Silverado: from 13 MPG to 30 MPG

Franklin “King Hybrid” from the Inland Empire, California, converted his stock 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab truck vehicle to a Water4Gas water hybrid. He achieved a BETTER THAN DOUBLE MILEAGE. In the description of this video he testified to have increased his mileage by 230% and he also said:

This truck never ran so good until this system was put in. You really need to experience it for yourself. Its been on this truck 3 years now and it RUNS GREAT!!!
~Franklin, Inland Empire, California

29% Better Mileage

Testimonial of a random Water4Gas enthusiast visiting our event in Woodland Park, California in 2008. He states an economy boost from 17 MPG before Water4Gas to 22-24 MPG with Water4Gas and that’s a wide range; it that actually calculates from a minimum of 29% better mileage up to 41% better mileage.

Engine got “too quiet” to be heard…


Does Water4Gas really work?

Fred Tutwiler has built a system and performed road tests exactly as described in the Water4Gas books. Brilliant duplication! The result: 66% better mileage with his V-8, 1997 Ford Explorer SUV.


Police Success

Honea Path, South Carolina, USA

At 1:04 minutes the video shows the SUV’s own display of 17 MPG. At 1:06 Chief of Police David King testifies:

The numbers speak for themselves. Six to eight miles per gallon is a pretty good number, a pretty good increase.
–Chief of Police David King, Honea Path, South Carolina

Assuming his average mileage display was formerly showing 6 to 8 MPG lower, they boost in fuel economy calculates between 89% and 54.5% (17 MPG divided by 9 to 11 MPG) or an average of 72% better mileage with a simple Water4Gas system that they made per Ozzie’s books. For a large police patrol SUV on active duty, 72% better mileage is no small achievement!

Alternative link:
Alternative link:

Police DIY installation - Honea Path, SC
Police DIY installation – Honea Path, SC

More Success Stories from Water4Gas Experimenters around the world

2004 Ford F-150 4.6 liter — at 32-35 MPG, it’s double the previous mileage!

From: Nat Briones <>
Date: Dec. 2011

This is Nat and just wanted to say thanks for all the email promos of HHO sys. good to hear all that is going on. I also wanted to mention that I had taken a trip to Cheboygan, Michigan back in Oct.2011 from here in central Calif. and I kept an on going record of my mileage. I believe I mentioned before that I have the Mason jars sys. installed in Sept. of 2010 and my mileage increased from 17mpg to 32mpg. I hadn’t really checked mileage since then but I always bragged about my stop n go mileage savings everywhere I went. I was also very surprised to find the results of mileage on my trip was @ 35MPG now…. WOW!!!!

Last Dec. I kinda freaked out the guy at the smog station last Dec. (2010) when the guy walked up to me and said “Not only did your vehicle pass but your emissions are BETTER than a brand new car ! ,what are you doing?” I knew it would pass and I had to remove the Mason jars before the smog inspection. I then told the inspector ” after you sign off my vehicle I’ll tell you why.” and of course I did and he was amazed.

I am very happy with my results BUT since first install (Sept. 2010) I have had to replace stainless steel wires twice, I guess that’s not a bad thing but I think I am ready to up grade my sys. Is there any chance of a deal price I could get for an upgrade? The chip is still good and ignition relay works fine too, just thought I’d ask.

On my trip to Michigan I showed off my Mason jar sys. to everyone at each gas station in 13 states and I always carry my smog cerificate with me to brag about the emission results, I should’ve had a camera of the folks that literally dropped their jaws after they seen my results, I just loved it.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!,
Go, HHO !!!!!!
Nat Briones,

Nat Briones 2011
“My truck is a 2004 Ford F-150 4.6 liter and as of today I have 110,000 miles.” ~Nat Briones, 2011
1995 Geo Metro — 25-30% better mileage!

From: Antonin Dvorak <>
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2011

Following the instructions in the Water4Gas books I have completed and installed myself the simple glass jar unit with the Dual Edge Map Sensor Enhancer about three years ago into my 1995 Geo Metro. I am happy with this, having 25-30% better millage.
Best regards,

1993 Rover 2.5 diesel car — 17% better mileage

From: Ian Cracknell <>
Date: Sun, May 20, 2012

Hello Ozzie ( water4gas)
My name is Ian from the U.K., I have been following your reports and updates for well over a year now and have your original DVD set.
I originally fitted a single Mason jar to my old (93) Rover 2.5 diesel saloon car. It has 180000 miles on the clock, does not burn any oil between services and has a full service history, every 6000 miles.

I have now fitted two jars ( can`t get them in the UK ) in series and fitted a PWM and ammeter. The mileage improved slightly, but the power increase was fantastic after two months of cleaning the engine up,

I have now changed the input to just before the turbo pushing the gas through the intercooler into the manifold, I hopefully will get even more mpg, old avg. 36 mpg improved to 42 am looking forward to even more now, from 118 b.h.p.
See enclosed pics.
Kind regards

Ian Cracknell 2012_0717
1993 Rover 2.5 diesel car — 17% better mileage. ~Ian Cracknell, UK, 2012
Ian Cracknell 2012_0716
1993 Rover 2.5 diesel car — 17% better mileage. ~Ian Cracknell, UK, 2012
50% better mileage!

From: Brooks Blanchard <>
Date: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

Hello , I bought and paid for the “Water 4 Gas Manual” in late spring of 2008 and built 8 systems with the mason jar including the map/maf signal return attenuation potentiometer mounted on the dashboard, and the brass horseshoe shaped gas heater stratelling the radiator top hose. The best results I’ve attained was approx 50% more mpg while driving 375 miles highway at a steady 60mph!
–Brooks Blanchard

2004 Chevy Avalanche — 56% better fuel economy!

From: Don <>
Date: Sat, Apr 21, 2012

I Bought your Ebook almost 4 years ago .
My 2004 Avalanche gets 23.3 on the hwy .
It used to struggle to get 14.9 hwy before hho.

I would like to find out more about selling your Ebook .
Thank You
–Don Gigante,

Mustang GT – mileage went up 27%

1 Tip from Ozzie’s E-book got me to boost my Mustang GT’s MPG by 27% this afternoon!! It went from 19.5 MPG to 24.8MPG. It literally took me only minutes to apply that tip, you will have heard about it in the past but most people do not take the time to do it: I raised my tire pressure with an accurate pressure guauge, that is all that was changed to get this phenomenal increase!
–Jerry B.,

Mustang GT – mileage went up 27% – using 1 tip from Ozzie’s Ebook! ~Jerry B., Los Angeles, California


1994 Nissan Maxima: from 18MPG to 22MPG!

94_Nissan_MaximaThis is another story submitted by the same experimenter above (the photo is from Wikimedia Commons).


Early 2008, I am unemployed, no prospects of any future job, frustrated and hungry. Around March that year, a friend of mine tells me about water4gas and I bought the e-book immediately.
I read it within the next couple of days and thought to myself: “What the heck, I might as well give it a try!”
In the next few days, I got all the parts listed in the e-book (and DVDs now a days)built my own water4gas kit and installed it in my 1994 Nissan Maxima. To my surprise, my Maxima’s MPG jumped from 18MPG to 22MPG! That is almost 25% increase from one little mason Jar under the hood! Total personal cost was the cost of the e-book and about $30 in parts!

That Spring, I found a lot more people wanted these water4gas jars for their cars and I started building them and selling them, in all I built and sold about 1000 of them in the next 2 years! I have never been unemployed since the day I bought the e-book and started producing and selling these kits.
–Jerry B.,

26-Feet Winnebago Motorhome: 14 MPG uphill/town with four Water4Gas jars

Actually MORE-THAN-DOUBLE MILEAGE – from 6 MPG to 14 MPG!

From: danny .k. wyatt <>
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Subject: my water for gas units in my r.v.

right now i am getting 10 miles per gallon in my r.v. which i use to get 6 mpg and i am useing 4 jars with 16 plates (small) in each jar. i am fixing to do bigger plates because of it being a chevy 454. i did a bigger 16 plate unit and got 14 mpg and that was alot of uphill and intown driveing. my winnabago motor home is 26 feet long . i am haveing problems with finding plastic 1.6mm thickness and 1/4 and 5/16 holes. washers. hard to find ones that thickness. and all that information was great you sent.

also, i do not draw very many amps and no over-heating. i ran them 300 miles non-stop and in side the motor home, .it was a warm day, not bad huh, atleast a think. but i am open to anything better or easier. i also am useing a air pump too, with the four jars. hope to talk to you soon

“Doubled my fuel economy”

From: Jose Hinojosa <>
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012

i purchased the original ebook when it first came out and am happy to say I just about doubled my fuel economy. I was wondering if my purchase back then included free updates because I would love to install a unit on my new truck and would like any new info.
Jose Hinojosa

John Deere 4220 and 4230 tractors — 37.5% better fuel economy! 1987 Nissan pickup 94% better mileage! 1993 Ford E350 (460 hp) averaging 74% better mileage, spiking to 270%!

From: Abeeku Ohene El <>
Date: Sun, Sep 30, 2012


I am Abeeku Ohene El and I have done two installs on a John Deere 4220 and 4230 full sized tractors using your 2007 manual as my template. The first test increased the time it takes to burn one tank of diesel fuel from 8 hours to 11 hours. Second test was stopped after 6 hours and there was still a half tank of diesel left. These tests were conducted this past week. The work accomplished was the bailing of hay. We are still in need of a hay cutting test which is soon to come.

After reading Dan Davidson’s Shape Power  I integrated a design based upon what was stated as possible in Dan Davidson’s book. It essentially looks like the infinity symbol from one end. I used 316L perforated stainless steel sheets and rolled them to my desired shape. I have been using this design for over a year now without failure. Average results are 40-70%.

One vehicle is a 1993 Ford E350 passenger van with a 7.5liter, 460 hp engine which went from 7-10mpg to 13-17mpg with odd spikes up to 23mpg!!!??? A 1987 Nissan  pick up went from 17mpg to 33mpg.

I am soon to be able to ramp up production and sales with the tractor results with exports to Iowa where a fellow GEET inventor will distribute and improve on what I have done. Mind you all of my installs have been done without a PWM or EFIE.

I am reaching out to people who deal with the poor in Haiti, West Africa and the Democratic Republic of The Congo.
Also yesterday I was told by one of my co-workers (Presonus Audio Electronics that her husband is in charge of seeking out green technologies to implement for Fed Ex.

Thank you for making this information available. I will be contacting you with more results and requests for deeper instruction, technical details, resources and further positive developments.
Peace and Health,
–Abeeku Ohene El

2001 Toyota 4Runner: from 16 MPG to 33 MPG, running better than ever

Another MORE-THAN-DOUBLE MILEAGE, this time in…TEXAS!!!

Hello, I love this technology and have been having a lot of fun with it….

Dose not have a Map sensor, but after visiting the local Toyota Dealership I discovered that the MAF mass airflow sensor is essentially the same component. After installing the MAP sensor enhancer on the the vehicle I have experienced an 100% increase in mileage going from 16 mpg to 33 mpg. My car is running from top to bottom better than ever before. I’m too excited and stupefied to elaborate right now. Looking forward to sharing the progress with you.

Regards, Michael C.
(Texas, USA)


Suzuki Swift – saving fuel since 2009

From: Isaac Alonzo <>
Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012

I bough the starter HHO kit a couple of years ago and recently one of the mason jars broke due to a lose zip tie, I was looking for a spare part section in the site but can’t find a way to purchase just the one jar I need right now.
I have a Suzuki Swift and since 2009 I have been saving fuel thanks to your kits 🙂
Just let me know, because the thing is that I am in the Dominican Republic and would love to know how much would cost to ship it again here.
–Isaac Alonzo

Spain – Water4Gas used to save mucho Euros in car

From: Grzegorz Dulinski <>
Date: Sun, Dec 23, 2012

hello  jery !!
evriting  ok  with  kit mi  carr  get  30 euros  gazolin  for  500  km
is  verry  good  kit ,
thanks !!!!!jerry!!

45-ft, 15.5-ton motorhome cruising at 100-110 KPH: 99% better fuel economy, motor so quiet it cannot be heard, no pollution, greater acceleration, climbing hills requires less gear shifts! People don’t believe…

One more DOUBLE MILEAGE – this time with A HEAVY MOTORHOME

From: James K West <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013

I have for more than 35 years wandered all over Australia in various Busses that I have converted to Mobile homes..

I began with a 20′ bus  ha ha .. Now I have a 45’Bus  with an “Old Steel Chasis and all aluminum Body..powered by a totally rebuilt Leyland 500 series 6 cyl Diesel;

Prior to 2009 I had container that was 3/4 full of Iron Filings & the fuel was passed through this..the constant vibration of the vehicle on the road was sufficient to activate the Iron Filings..& yes   it Did produce for me a better than 22% decrease in fuel consumption..

But did not add more power did not quieten the motor & did nothing for pollution.

In 2009 I built a water for gas system & I have since upgraded it.using your latest technology..

When I decided to change systems I disconnect the old system & ran for just over 1000 klm with no added system my consumption was 3.2 klm per liter.

Bus weight including 500 litres of fuel & 500 ltrs of water is 13.2 ton… Trailer behind is another 2.3 ton fully loaded with tools & car..Naturally I have changed the Differential ratio and I have a 12 speed “roadranger” splitter gearbox my cruising speed on open road is about 100klm per hr…

After adding the Water for gas 12 Jars  ha ha & playing around for about 2 weeks    I began to test it….

Now   I get 6.38 klm per litre… The motor which is Mid Mount under floor cannot be heard… The pollution from exhaust is so low that it really is not able to be read….I have greater acceleration hill climbing hills requires less gear shifts    & yes I still cruise at between 100 & 110 klm per hour. Its a great system  I have recommended it to many people but unfortunately many just don’t believe   AND THERE IS NO WAY I CAN PROVE IT TO THEM

Previously I used a Honda 5hp genny to to charge my house batteries now I charge directly from the main Motor   because there is no noise at idle speed & fuel consumption is negligible.
–James K West

13 years old truck – 29% mileage boost!

From: Phil Evans <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013

I built and used the first HHO system that started the movement. I eventually had to stop using it as I couldn’t keep the water from getting into the injector which caused the motor to shut down due to the computer telling it to shut down. I tried to put a filter in the system and I guess it wasn’t good enough as I still had the same trouble. Before this trouble showed it’s self I had gone from 17 mpg to around 22 mpg, about a five mile per gallon boost.
In time, the systems have become pretty sophisticated and as well, pretty expensive. My truck is 13 years old and, I  am sure that when I get new one, I will without a doubt get the latest and greatest system available.

Dodge minivan: 17% better mileage

From: Albert Gagnon <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013

I made a system that came from your book, it a little bit, so I wrarped the 2 sensors on the exaut sytem with alumifoil it improve a litle to 31 / 32 milles to the galon from 27 miles to the gallons, one of the sensors finaly die, so I sold the Dodge minivan, the new van I have now is doing 31/32 miles to the gallons @ 60 miles an hour.
Yours truly,
–Albert Gagnon

3.8L v-6 engine with a single jar: 10-20% better fuel economy!

From: J. Scott Schaffer <>
Date: Jan 9, 2013

We ran some calculations on a 3.8l v-6, and concluded that the amount of HHO added to the air/fuel mixture is under 1% from a single mason jar at 1000 rpm.  Truly, that is an amazingly small amount.  I also concluded, with the computer adapter, we did gain 10-20% better fuel efficiency.  The greatest gains were on town driving, and the slightest gains were on the hi-way.

It seems to reason, at hi-way speeds, the volume of HHO was much smaller than 1% of the fuel mixture.  So, it really takes very little HHO to improve efficiency.  During idle, where any fuel burnt is a total loss, efficiency makes a big improvement.
–Scott Schaffer

Opel car: Water4Gas cleaned the engine, keeps it clean

5 May, 2008

That is true! Water4Gas technology is advertised as a technology, which helps to clean your engine. Is it a foolish advertisement? No, it is not. Water4Gas really helps your engine to be cleaned. These photos has been sent as an evident of this fact. These spark plugs has been used for 30 000 km in an Opel. You may see that the spark plugs are clean, there are no contaminations either outside and inside. Imagine, the other structures inside cylinders may also be cleaned by Water4Gas device!
~Zoltan Kémeri-Greguss

R6_1 R6_2 R6_3

Volvo V70 2.5L wagon: 39%-59% better mileage!

From: Barrie Etherington
Date: Sun, Jan 13, 2013

I do use a supplementary, fuel consumption, measuring device on my dashboard – called a SCANGAUGE. It’s a useful device and, specifically, I set mine to show ‘Average MPG – in UK gallons – and ‘Instant MPG.  When feasible; I try to keep the ‘Instant MPG’ figure below the ‘Average MPG’ display. That encourages me from pressing too hard on the Accelerator (Gas Pedal) and it causes the ‘Average MPG’ reading to trend upwards.

I have driven a couple of Volvo 2.5L V70 Estate Cars (Wagons …), for several years. Both with HHO cells on them.
Before discovering HHO – or, as we call it here – Hydrogen on Demand (HOD) –  my current vehicle ran at about 24.5 MPG average.
Now … after about 4 years of HOD driving, and with well over 100,000 miles on the clock, it delivers roughly 34 MPG average, and up to 39 MPG average on a long freeway-only journey.

If I pay close attention to the SCANGUAGE when I’m on a roll on the motorway – especially when I coast downhill or find myself on a flat section – I can lighten my pedal pressure, to maintain any chosen speed,  up to the 70 MPH limit in the UK, with virtually no additional engine torque effort at all !

Yet, still, … some of the loonies insist on overtaking me in their Fords, Jaguars, Mercedes and Porsches … I just watch them, and smile !!
Kind regards,
~Barrie Etherington

Old 8N Ford tractor with motor problem – “runs much better, more horse power, Saves gasoline spark plugs and less exhaust”

From: Tom Lemieux <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 6:29 PM

My old 8n Ford tractor has a motor problem, fouls up plugs and wont run I take them out and clean or replace them. With the mason jar HHO electrical seperation, it runs much better, more horse power, and is a great snow pusher. It has more hp. than it originally had. When I disconnect the el. It sputters and stops.  Saves gasoline spark plugs and less exhaust.
Works for me

1988 Chevy pickup: 53% better fuel economy!

From: Lynn Philpott <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013

1988 Chevy  pickup-
without the HHO bottles 16 miles/gallon.
With the HHO bottles (4) 24.5 miles/gallon
Your system is the only system I have used.

Australia (Diesel): 20% better mileage with DIY fuel additive from Water4Gas book

From: Diane and Alex De Wright <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2013

I have been experimenting by adding 50mls of xeylene and 100mls of acetone to 70 litres of diesel.
Fuel usage before using aditive was 12 litres per 100 klm’s and with the above mixture 10 litres per 100 klm’s.
–Alex De Wright

Jeep SUV: 33% better mileage with DIY fuel additive

Nissan  Pathfinder – 29.6% better mileage &  improved  performance

From: Morley OToole <>
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013

I am a retired machinist – 40 years ago I experimented with – wood gasifier – alcohol fuel – water injection -& an ultrasonic device. When I first saw a  brown’s gas advertisement – I didn’t  take  the  time  to  try to understand  it – DID  I  MISS  OUT!    3 yrs.  ago I  built  a  homemade cell (hho) for  my  Nissan Pathfinder – – I  get  almost  30% savings on average –  &  improved  performance. – Rebuild it every 4 months – wouldn’t be without it.
It  went  from  26.7  m.p.g.  to  34.6 m.p.g.
–Morley O’Toole

1999 Ford Super Duty 6.8 Liter V-10: 62.5% with DIY-fuel-additive from Water4Gas book

From: DARL <>
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013

1999 Ford superduty with a v10 with 30 ounces of xylene and am hoping to have a sixpack installed this coming weekend providing I can get the rest of the parts in time.

before eight MPG
after Thirteen MPG
–Darl McCleary

Peugeot Boxer 2.8 HDI – 15% better fuel economy with DIY-fuel-additive from Water4Gas book

From: F. T. <>
To: Ozzie Freedom <>
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2010

Dear Ozzie,
Originally I found your Water4Gas system on the Internet, I bought your e-books more than a year ago and did some tests with it.

As I didn’t find the proper steel for the electrodes in Hungary, they did not last long. However, we are using the AXO fuel additive mixture from your book and saved a lot with it already in our Peugeot Boxers 2.8 HDI on the ca. 100,000 km we traveled. The diesel consumption went down from 12.6 liter/100 km to around 10.5 – 11 liter/100km. I also tried the vaporizer and that helped as well.

Hereby I want to thank you for your great work and for providing this technology to people. With this you helped us to save quite some money on diesel in our vans.
I spoke with some of my friends about this technology and we have a group who already did some tests and would like to deal with this subject.
As I am coming to Los Angeles and wanted to utilize this opportunity to meet you.
I am very much interested about different social reform projects, especially about energy, getting free from suppression, saving the environment, etc. If you have some time, I would like to meet you there. I will be in LA from Friday evening util Tuesday evening.
Please let me know if it is possible and when would be the best for you.
Thanks in advance.
~Ferenc Tamas

39-year old Landrover: 71.43 MPG

An interesting success story from the United Kingdom, received March 2008. I used it as an example to why AUTOMAKERS (not Big Oil) would have a greater objection to Water4Gas; I asked: “Now that Michael B. has got his 39-year old Rover to work so much better that he has ever imagined was possible – do you think he would run to the dealership to buy a new vehicle?”

Right then, I’ve got a 1969 Landrover Series 2a 2.25L Diesel. I put magnets on the fuel line and increased the mileage on a set 17 mile route at a steady 40mph to 27.87mpg. I then constructed the single cell system and fitted it. My first run was with the bubbler closed and on the set run increased my mileage to 28.84mpg. A positive start, but I felt that the engine was being starved of HHO. I then reduced the length of the two feed pipes going to the closest point on the air intake manifold to 4 feet each from five feet and opened up the bubbler to allow a moderate amount of air through. I then ran the same run (each run took 35 minutes) and compared the results. My 39 year old Landrover did 71.43mpg!!!!

In truth, I was hoping to achieve a modest 40mpg but this is unbelievable!!

Many thanks for all your technical help. Your the first people that haven’t scoffed at me for attempting to run on HHO and I greatly appreciate your support.
–Michael B.



1992 Mitsubishi Pajero: 40% better mileage, starts/works better

Another success story from the United Kingdom, received May 23, 2008


Van with 6 Water4Gas cells: NEARLY TRIPLE MILEAGE (8-9 MPG to 23 MPG)

Ive built the generators and put a ‘six-pack’ on my van. went from 8-9 mpg to 23 mpg on the highway. great opportunity to have my own business. …thanks for doing what you do.
–Dywayne Chipps
(31 Mar 2009)

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 Turbo Diesel: 50% better mileage (6 to 9 Km/liter)

Hi I’m Paul Swanepoel (swan-on -a- pool) I reside in the UK.
Thanks for the great work you and the team are doing.
I bought and built the water 4 gas system for 3 different diesel engines.

My Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 td works on a 2 bottle system. Fuel consumption went from 6 km/l to 9km/l. The moment a bottle dies , I can feel the drop in power. One bottle improved the from 6 km/l to 7km/l. Two bottles however 7km/l to 9km/l….Even my wife comments on the better performance of the mediocar 2.5 td enjin. Covered 10 000 km with this system the last year.

…my Toyoya landcruiser 30td. 251 000 miles. Only added one bottle, the day after i bought it!! Done 1000 miles with it and it works like a charm. Fuel consumption improved, but not daramatccaly.
(Mar 29, 2009)

Chevy Avalanche: 78% more mileage

I have been having great luck with my chevy avalanche from 12.9 mpg to up to 23 mpg
Buying the program was a great service to me.
–Don L. Gigante,
Illinois, USA
23 Mar 2009

Gasoline car 1991, India – performance improved

after installing the system in a 1991 model gasoline car, i noticed a tremendous improvement in its performance.
–Vysali Janardhanan, India (March 2009)

Toyota Diesel Van – 28% better mileage, lower emissions by smell

I have installed the 1 cell of electrolyzer in my toyota van 2.0 liter diesel engine w/o turbo. I have increased my mileage by 28% and significantly improved the exhaust emission. Friends of my no longer smells unburn fuel.
Michael del Rosario
(28 Jan 2009)

20-year old Mitsubishi: 18-20% better mileage, feels like new – after 1 hour of using Water4Gas

Dear Ozzie,
Gooday, Water4gas system really works great, thanks to you.
I managed to replicate an electrolyzer and it works well, it gives me about 18 to 20% fuel saving, thats great. I am using stainless steel grade 304 for both because i cant get grade 316L in Malaysia, i have spent most of the days looking for it but only 304 are vasely available. Anyway i have ordered 316 from Singapore.

The system is really great, i tried to an old mitsubishi engine, a 20 year old car, after an hour drive i found out that the system has cleanse the comustion chamber and now that car sounds as good as bramd new and it is very smooth.
I will soon start selling the symtem kits, i will donate USD 1.00 to bill lang.

I will keep you update.
Keep well
Thank you
~Thillai S.
June 10, 2008

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8L: “solid 15% mileage gain” (even higher gain with driving habbits 20-25%)

VV Beetle: filmed road test shows 22% fuel savings

More horsespower with less noise

My vehicle has 175,000 miles on it and it had a tapping noise, but 5 minutes after I’ve installed it, it took away the tapping noise, I got more horsepower and it’s working great!


2005 Chrysler 300C (340 HP, 5.7L V-8 Hemi)

[Water4Gas system] was installed in my car in about an hour – and the results have been FANTASTIC.
This simple solution provided me with better gas mileage, which reduces my operating costs.
As a side benefit my car runs smoother and cleaner – which is better for the environment.
There are other designs, but this is the best I’ve seen for ANY price.

Nissan (with engine SR24DET 2-liter turbo) from 20 MPG to 41-42 MPG

1979 Nissan 280ZX: 85% better mileage!!! (27 MPG to 50 MPG)

Keeps my money in my pocket.

Mitsubishi Eclipse +10 MPG; 1994 Ford Explorer +5 MPG

Eliminate carbon deposit, longer engine life, keeps oil cleaner, more power, better gas mileage (clients got 3-10 higher MPG)

Scooter got faster and more economical
  • Big scooter: from 60 MPG to 85 MPG, more power and acceleration, top speed 5-10 MPH faster, cleaner exhaust.
  • Smaller scooter: top speed from 27 MPH to 36 MPH

TV News from Melbourne, Australia: 20% better mileage in various gasoline cars, over 33% in Diesels

33% better mileage (from 18.9 to 25.2 MPG) with only a Water4Gas vaporizer

Alberto Ismerio endorses Water4Gas in Spanish: higher km per liter

Car in Michigan road test: 26% better mileage, engine runs very smoothly


Chevrolet 1979 Pickup Truck: nearly TRIPLE MILEAGE (7 MPG to 20 MPG)

i have been experimenting, with my own , truck, 79 chev pu 4wd getting 7 mpg  installed 2 hho went to 12 put on 6 went to 15 ???  i made some changes, i found  some bigger ,jars i changed the design on the winding the coil, got 8 windings,  changed a few other things, I have been a mech. all my life, i am up some, last test was around 20mpg  as near as i can tell, speedo not exact, but a major change in running, etc,
~Gilbert B.
Missouri, USA
January 31, 2008

2007 Dodge 4.7 v-8: boosted mileage 25%, then 77%, then 100% – another DOUBLE MILEAGE that took some fine tuning

my 2007 Dodge 4.7 v8 Multi fuel got a 5 mile per gallon boost so far which is about 25%…Hope to see another 10% or more. Still tweaking the system.
~Tim D.
(Illinois, USA)
January 4, 2008

A day later Jan. 5, 2008, Tim wrote again:

Well I was wrong on the Mileage. At 40MPH I got 26.5 MPG which is 77% higher than the manufactures listed 15 MPG Sticker. Still tweaking the system and hope to break the 30 MPG barrier soon.
~Tim D.
(Illinois, USA)

Finally on Jan. 20, 2008, Tim reported:

Boosted my mileage to just over 100% from the rated 15 mpg to 30+ MPG and still tweaking. In addition that was with a single unit HHO 32 oz.
~Tim D.
(Illinois, USA)

Hyundai Accent 1300: improved acceleration, 47% better mileage, 10-15% more power

Hi Ossie,
wanted to…share my excitement!
I did my first car test on Sunday with my daughters Hyundai Accent 1300. Simple carburettor system and a great 6mm vacuum inlet right into the base of the carb.

The engine did everything you said it would. So we hit the road. WOW – first time out of the box on a 39km test run I got a 47% improvement. I could not have been more pleased. Granted this was a careful drive but the results were way more than I expected  for a first time. We then did a “performance ” run. Power is definitely up by a good 10 – 15%. it felt like the car was running at sea level – we are at 5500 feet. Acceleration was also improved. Temptation to use the extra power will impact the saving but I still reckon an overall average improvement of 30% is well attainable.

Kind regards.
–Peter (New Zealand)
PS Thanks again for sharing this technology with the world. I have not been so excited about anything in a long time.

Better-Than-Double Mileage: 116% from 3 Cells

Ozzie Freedom wrote:

On December 31, 2007, I got this testimonial on the phone, from a Water4Gas experimenter that I’ve known for some time. He installed 3 devices on his V6 GMC van, pretty large engine 3.4 liter.  His gas economy improved from 10-15 MPG to 27 MPG. That’s a gain of at least 80% at the very minimum, and definitely double mileage or better on the average!!! 27 Miles Per Gallon is an unprecedented mileage for such a heavy van! He also reports better engine power and noticeable torque increase.

This success story came from R. Mainard, North Carolina, USA

“My mileage has increased by about 40%”

Overall this is a fantastic innovation, and one that is sure to catch fast.
I have been using water4gas for a little over a month on my Ford, and I still can’t believe the savings i am making on gas. Gas prices are no longer an issue, and my mileage has increased by about 40%.
~Paul Korber,

“I personally have had gains of 33% on a 3.3 liter 97 Plymouth van and 52% increase in a 98 Honda CRV 2.0 liter”

“The gain was of 80% which I am satisfy with”

Hello Ozzie.
…the van was doing 14 miles on the express way with out the system and that in the city it definatly is less(lets say 12miles in the city per galon) well all these 360 miles were in the city with an average of 35 miles per hr. and only 12 miles out of these 360 were run with the air conditioning on. So finally I got 20 miles per gallon and the gain was of 80% which I am satisfy with.
-Jaime V.
Florida, USA

Buick Rendevouz: 86% better Mileage

Water4gas really does work….I went from 22mpg in my buick rendevouz to 41 mpg. Huge difference in the way my SUV drives too. Much quieter and sounds like it runs better. I have over 100k miles on this car and now it drives like new again. My mechanic just installed one for himself and is making a ton of money telling people about this system.
“Go Green”

Diesel (UK) – eliminated emissions

hi Ozzi
its mike from england again
got my electrolyzer fitted and working within minits the smell from the exhaust was completly different no smell of diesel at all – amazing
~Michael P.
United Kingdom

 Mileage gain 68%

wanted to report that my friend, an 85 year old mechanic, installed a Hydrogen-On-Demand system on my car and it went from 28 mpg on the highway to 47!
Seattle, Washington, USA)

2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 pickup truck (5 years old at the time) with only 2 jars: 47% better mileage

1985 Isuzu: improved power, cleaner exhaust

I have connected a three bottle water4gas system to my 1985 ISUZU P’up and am happy with the results. I am only on the early phases of this experiment but the power is improved, and the exaust is definitely cleaner. … Installation is very simple. Bottle to air cleaner.
Texas, USA

1997 Dodge turbo diesel: 25% mileage boost

I drove 410 miles on my 1st trip with the electrolyzer. It used 1 & 1/2 pints of water…This is on a ’97 Dodge diesel with hoses going to the intake manifold and the air breather before the turbocharger. Everything made according to the instructions. My guestimate is that it boosted mileage by at least 25%.
K. Alexander
Texas, USA (2/17/2008)

1999 Cadillac Sedan DeVille: 70% better mileage

Hello Ozzie
I increased my mileage 70%.
1999 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.
Pennsylvania, USA

1997 Mercury Mountaineer (luxury SUV): 94% better mileage – from 18 MPG to 35 MPG

As read by his Scangauge-II right out of the vehicle’s computer. He says in this video that sometimes his average goes DOUBLE MILEAGE at 37 MPG. This vehicle is pretty heavy and we consider that with our newer 6-cell design he could get it up to a steady 37 MPG – or at least reduce his cell maintenance considerably.

“Really amazing I got 37% better mileage”

My first mileage results were really amazing I got 37% better mileage, in my 1985 Toyota P.U. truck it has a 22re fuel injected motor with 328000 miles Yes I have been driving this forever.
My mileage in the sommer is around 26 to 29 mpg , in the winter its around 23 to 24 mpg depending on how cold it is , the average is 25 mpg , with the water4gas unit installed I got 34 mpg amazing , this was not highway driving backroads with hills stop and go and warm up in the morning when it cold !

Also I noticed better power up hills in fifth gear.
Take Good Care Ozzie
(Connecticut, USA)
PS I am sure to tell a lot of my friends about your unit !

“Almost no sign or smell of any kind of polution”

You may recall a previous discussion on how children are being poisoned around the port of LA and on the West Side of Buffalo, around the Peace Bridge. Well how’s is this for PROOF OF CONCEPT! I was connecting up a charged water system in BUFFALO, in the 2 1/2 car garage.  It was really cold, so I started up the vehicle and ran it in the garage, with the door closed, for about two minutes, to check the engine vacuum. WELL, 3 minutes and I was about ready to choke from the fumes.  Five minutes later, with the unit installed, I start the car up and the owner and I are standing around in the garage discussing how good it runs etc. etc….five minutes later we are still talking and there is almost no sign or smell of any kind of polution.
Bill Lang, Jan.08 from Buffalo, New York, USA

[Water4Gas Charged Water System] 48.5% better mileage

My friend Don C. tried out the charged water system in his 1993 Pontiac Grand AM. Went from 28 MPG to 41.6 MPG.
Bill Lang (Florida, USA) circa 2006-2007

Dodge Ram truck: 86%  better mileage with a Water4Gas “6-pack” system; 2003 Infinity FX45: 36% better mileage (from 13.4 MPG to 18.3 MPG)

The Dodge Ram 86% boost was on a client’s vehicle while the Infinity 36% boost was on the installer’s own vehicle.

“Within minutes I could smell a BIG difference in the exhaust emission”

Hello Ozzie,
I have completed the installation today. After I completed the installation and ran the car, within minutes I could smell a BIG difference in the exhaust emission, it quietened the engine and it ran so sweetly and that was within minutes!!!!
I will be starting tests tomorrow and can’t wait to prove what I already know.

Ozzie, this is going to be big!!!!! I will be inviting people to a demonstration shortly and will very guardedly talk to our local media because petrol prices are really hurting people here and of course the greenhouse gas issue. I want people to know about this and want to help them save on fuel etc.

Everything I have read on your website and related links appears to be so completely true which has built my faith in this development and as I have followed things out that turned out to be chasing shadows it has made me so enthusiastic about this product I am nearly bursting out of my skin.

I will stay in touch. For the record my car is a 1986 Nissan Skyline 6 cylinder 3litre fuel injected. It has only done 98,000 Klms or nearly 60,000 miles so is in very good condition.
Believe me, I would not know what I now know had I not bought my membership. Thank you for that.
Queensland, Australia

“I have been seeing up to 45 % better gas mileage”

Thank’s…I got everything and made a hydrogen generator to your spec’s…Works good on smaller motors …I put it on a honda civic…does about 15 % better on gas ..not tweeks…no 02 just the generator.

the past few days I have made 6 more models suitable for 1.2L – 3.0L on up to 5.2L to 7.0L gas and diesel engines now working on 8+…..I have been seeing up to 45 % better gas milage with a few tweeks.
Kentucky, USA

Aussies Geoff and Ian tell how simple and effective their Water4Gas installation

30% improvement in fuel economy, crisper engine performance (engine was already gasoline+LPG, but got even better with Water4Gas). Both happy with the results:

1999 Dodge B150 Cargo Van: 38% better mileage

I thought I would take the time to let you and Water4Gas know how my experience has been since I purchased your two Ebooks two months ago.

I chose to read the Gas Savings Technique book first because this was the fastest way for me to start saving gas RIGHT NOW. After reading your book I started implementing the driving techniques and the additive formula’s.

I live in Montana and do a lot of highway driving and in city driving. My driving habits before reading your Ebooks were “Fast and Furious” to say the least. I am a self employed contractor and I make my living driving to and from the small towns in Montana. I drive a 1999 Dodge B150 cargo van, 318cu engine with throttle body fuel injection and air conditioning. I have a 35 gallon gas tank and I burn regular unleaded. Engine has 199,400 miles on it so far. My tires are about 7 months old. I removed all the ladders from the top of my van to reduce air drag and I carry about 1,000 lbs of parts and equipment including my body weight of 202 lbs.

My average highway speed before reading your E books was between 70 and 80 miles per hour. My average in town speed was never the speed limit with fast take offs at the green light. After a long trip on the highway my trip meter would average between 350miles and 375 miles per tank.

After using the GST’s my gas mileage is almost 500 miles per tank !!. I am using the Acetone/Xylene and GP-7 (AXG7-TS), formula every other tank, check my tire psi at least once per month, tuned up my engine, and lowered my highway speed to between 60 and 65mph and drive slow in town. This whole experience has helped me “slow down” in life and my stress has been reduced in my job. When ever I feel in a hurry I think of the gas I will be wasting just to arrive at a location “15 minutes a head of time”.

I think anyone just starting out with your Ebooks should read the GST’s first. This will open their eyes about the whole concept of gas savings and will build their confidence and motivation when they are ready to build and install the HHO electrolyzer.

I just finished a two cell electrolyzer arrangement for my van. I would have went with six cells but there’s justs no room in my engine compartment. Two cells are better than one cell.
I have not had time to install my electrolyzer’s yet but when I do I will be alot more prepared for it’s results.

Thanks for your Ebooks.
It was well worth it.
–M. Porter
Montana, USA

Jaguar XJ6: 26% better mileage, more power

Ever since you installed the Water4Gas device, my engine has been running much more smoothly and efficiently. I drive a Jag XJ6 and my average miles per gallon has been 16-18 miles.
Now that the device is installed I am experiencing 19-24 miles per gallon fuller at least. This is a substantial fuel savings for me.

In addition I have more “pep” on my accelarations. It feels like I have a totally different car with more power and smoothness.
Thanks for your product. I am totally impressed and satisfied.
Alberto Cabilan III
California, USA

2005 Nissan Sentra: 25% better mileage

MY Water4Gas unit I have on my car is working. So far I have noticed a jump in mpg from 24ish mpg to 30ish mpg I am running it on a 2005 Nissan Sentra. I also wrapped several layers of tinfoil around my Oxygen sensor, doing this will trick your O sensor into thinking it is to hot which will affect how much gas/oxygen mixture your injectors or carburetor will take.
Oregon, USA

“I feel like I hit the lottery”

Thank you Ozzie, for putting together such an awesome book! I’m consistantly getting 27-30 MPG highway now. (varies from hilly terrain in PA)

I feel like I hit the lottery!
-Mike W.
Massachussetts, USA

Happy customers signed our Petition to Congress

Petition2Congress logo

This letter was sent to U.S. Congress in 2013 by James M, who had been living in Texas in 2008 when he purchased the Water4Gas books and was very happy with his purchase as you can see:

James M.--Texas Success

More happy experimenters found between signers of the Petition to Congress

Visit long list of support letters and find even more success stories not appearing here. For example:

January 11, 2016    Jim S. from Caldwell, ID writes:

I have been working with this for about a decade as a hobby. It is time for everybody to start adopting this for their cars especially older cars.

April 4, 2010     Richard B. from South Grafton, MA writes:

Put an HHO system in my ’97 T-Bird, went from 19mpg city-27mpg hi-way to 23mpg city-32mpg hi-way…it’s real and real easy!

March 27, 2010     Sammie D. from Gig Harbor, WA writes:

This technology works. I am using it. Please help up keep the “big boys” from shuting us out. Thank you.

March 24, 2010     Vaughn B. from Millersburg, PA writes:

It really works!

March 23, 2010     Akiva P. from Argyle, TX writes:

why to argue with facts?? IT DOES WORK!!

March 22, 2010     Brian M. from Zephyrhills, FL writes:

i have been useing this water for fuel for over a year and it works.. why not help the us people now. when we need some relef

March 22, 2010     Frank W. from , writes:

Increased my mileage by 35% and my harmful emissions reduced to almost zero.

March 22, 2010     Paul H. from Deerfield Beach, FL writes:

Brought my car fro 18 MPG to 34 MPG

March 22, 2010     Chellie R. from Hesperia, CA writes:

I have been making and using hyd generators for years, they work great, and are Eco friendly, Go Green 🙂

March 21, 2010     erik l. from Yreka, CA writes:

i have used hydrogen for 2 years. and it works

March 20, 2010     Ron F. from Newberg, OR writes:

Inproved the mileage on my 77 Chev pickup from 10 miles per gallon to 17.

March 20, 2010     Richard K. from Venice, FL writes:

I have been saving more than 40% on my gasoline bills for the last three years by adding HHO.

March 20, 2010     Randy Y. from Clearwater, FL writes:

I have personally seen improved gas mileage, reduced emissions readings and improved performance though the use of our hydrogen-on-demand generator.

March 20, 2010     Duane M. from Newton, IA writes:

I have been using a simple HHO system for more than a year now. I was getting 18-20 Highway MPG before the installation. Now I get 28-30 Highway MPG. Around town not much change.

March 20, 2010     David M. from Forsyth, GA writes:

The Hydrogen on demand system gave me a 5.3 miles per gallon increase in my work truck.

March 20, 2010     john c. from Tompkinsville, KY writes:

I,m jtcoe from tompkinsville ky, an like my water for gas.

March 19, 2010     Jeff S. from Longmont, CO writes:

Ozzie’s technology works and works well!! In my own personal vehicle, my fuel efficiency was increased by over 70%!
You guys in Congress need to get on the ball…we’re sick of being screwed by what YOU want for YOURSELVES.

March 19, 2010     Godwin D. from , writes:

water4gas is great

March 18, 2010     Steven T. from Allen, TX writes:

2000 Chevy S-10 pickup, smallest engine that could be bought. Mileage increased 7 mpg, more power, I could even breath in the exhast from the pickup, and I could not before HHO was done.

March 18, 2010     chris j. from Rainier, WA writes:

been a user for 3 yrs and very happy with the results am now putting the system on all my cars & trucks.

March 18, 2010     Jon D. from National City, CA writes:

When I feel the need for fresh air… I just go breathe some of my exhaust!

March 18, 2010     Kenneth Z. from Buffalo, NY writes:

It’s so simple, even a cave man can do it.

March 18, 2010     Dale L. from Utica, MI writes:

This works: My system has been on 25 months, 38% increase in MPG to date. I travel 95 miles a day. My car is my lab.
Dale A. Lardie

March 18, 2010     eric p. from Beverly Hills, CA writes:

am using hho on my car for a year now…successful

March 17, 2010     Richard A. from Schererville, IN writes:

My 08 chev impala gets 19.5 mpg aroud town 34 mpg on the highway with the basic mason jar method. Im geting the ord chip next and hope to get more then.

March 17, 2010     Christopher S. from Riverside, CA writes:

I built a basic system and put it on my 74duster. the milage increase and performance are nice and this is from a beginner built unit. Other available units would be better then mine.

March 17, 2010     Monty P. from Levelland, TX writes:

I installed this system on our personal vehicles. One jar increased the fuel mileage on the Ford pickup from 35 to 42 mpg, & the Jeep from 30 to 35 mpg.

March 17, 2010     JAMES N. from Vacaville, CA writes:

From my personal experience with an HHO Device installed on my car, there was a significant increase in MPG and improved Engine Performance.

March 17, 2010     Sonny G. from Foley, AL writes:

I have personally used Hydrogen On Demand, for 3 years, and have experienced between 30 to 50% increase, in fuel economy, over that period. It is my way to aid in the fight of terrorism.

March 17, 2010     Patrick T. from Fountain Valley, CA writes:

I have been using this technology in my car for over a year and it works! The best part is the emissions are almost gone and the economy is better by over 20%.

March 17, 2010     Terry K. from Elko, MN writes:

I have tried, manufactured, and installed, the Hydrogen-On-Demand unit, and it took my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, from 22 mpg, to 29-30 mpg. cities driving..and from 22 mpg to 33-34 mpg highway trip driving.. This type of technology should be on every car sold in America..

March 17, 2010     Pierre R. from , writes:

I’ve been using the system for 2 years and it works wonderfully. The exhaust on my car and truck are cleaner, less soot. The engines are quieter and smoother, with the added bonus of better millage. This is a simple and easy answer.

March 17, 2010     Francis W. from Tucson, AZ writes:

Great stuff – The extra mileage per gallon saves enough money to pay for half of my truck monthly payment.

March 17, 2010     Paul C. from Twin Falls, ID writes:

I have been using two units for two years & they have improved one by 5 miles per gal & the other by 7 MPG

March 17, 2010     Oscar S. from Miami, FL writes:

Excellent system, really boosts mileage especially for diesel trucks! It is the fuel of the future!

March 17, 2010     Serge B. from Allegan, MI writes:

I live in Ukraine and I and my friends for a long time we useтехнолоией [technology] Water4gas. The effect good, economy of fuel reaches 35-40 % on different cars.

March 17, 2010     Elden H. from Lebanon, OR writes:

I have been running my 1992 Dodge Diesel on hydrogen for two years. It works, as my mileage increased from 18 mpg to 26 mpg.

March 17, 2010     Eugene B. from Atlanta, GA writes:

I tried this system and when I started I had a lot of doubts. After installing it on my 03 Freightliner semi truck and getting an average 11.8 miles per gallon and up to 13.4 in some cases I think this is the future of green fuel.
Gene Brown

The Petition is still open!

Please read and sign, and add your support letter.


Neil Prendergast30-vehicle UK Success says: “proves your system actually works!”

Hi Ozzy,
That is a great testimonial from Carter, would it be OK if we published this breakthrough on our UK website tranztecuk? We have still got so many sceptics and scientists telling me this formula does not work, but hey, who cares, because all the 25 vehicles + 5 of our own that the water4gas has been fitted on proves your system actually works!. We will get there, as more and more people are seeing our vehicles and talking about it. Thank you.
Neil Prendergast, UK,

UK flagUK Successful Installations


The following success stories are for commercial kits developed by Niel & Sam Prendergast based on the Water4Gas manuals, their own experience with race cars and their water fuel experimentation. TranzTecUK of Bolton, Lancashire (near Manchester in the UK), has installed and/or sold wholesale and retail 1000’s of kits. The following testimonials have been sent by their customers from around the world:

Toyota Hilux: 30% better mileage

Toyota Hilux surf 30% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sussex. (UK)

Mercedes G-Wagon Diesel – 80% better mileage

Dear Neil,
I fitted the 3 cells to my Mercedes G wagon, after running 3 tanks of diesel i have worked it out that the wagon has improved by 80% can this be right? i do know the wagon is much better as i only fill up once every month oppose to every two weeks. How does the hydrogen make such a big difference without altering the diesel pump?
Mr J Horrocks

Ford Mondeo 2.0 2002 – from 32 MPG to 44 MPG

Ford Mondeo 2.0 2002 max mpg on motorway was 32 now i can achieve 44mpg, well impressed ; )

Ford Transit Van 1999 – 45% better mileage

Hi guys, sorry for the delay, the 1999 transit you fit the kit on has jumped up by a fantastic 45% i must also thank you for a profesional neat fit too.
You suggested to change the water in 2-3mth, it is still clear, i have topped it up once do i leave it?
Thank you all

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 Diesel – fuel consumption nearly halfed

These new electrolysers you have made are incredible, my pajero 2.8 has never run as good, also the amount of diesel i am using a week has nearly halfed!

“75% increase in MPG”

Hello Neil… Thanks for your reply and advice.. I have now fitted the device and sorted out the problem with no gas production, ( it was a bad earth )).. I have done a test run of 110 miles, and am very impressed with what has happened.. The engine IS quite a bit quieter, and smoother, with better torque, and the exhaust is virtually pollutant free with early results indicating a 75% increase in MPG. Will keep in touch and let you know how we get on..

“I have saved 50% of my petrol on my first long run”

Hi! Neil,
Well I have just come back from Watford, a round trip of 134 miles. When I usually go to Watford and back to Norfolk on a full tank I usually find I have Half a tank of petrol left. This time I found I had only used a quarter of a tankful, so I have saved 50% of my petrol on my first long run. Not bad eh for the first test of the system.

1995 Peugeot 405 Diesel: 57% better mileage, better performance

Peugeot 405 diesel model 1995. 3 weeks ago I decided to go ahead and fit the system with the hydrogen on demand in this car. I must say I was sceptical but I am the kind of person I will try things despite what most of people would like to think or say. Anyway as soon as I left from Neil’s place I have noticed better performance from the engine. The car was pulling better on the road and particularly in places which usually I would use the 4th gear before, now I was going up in 5th. This car from the manufacturer gives 44 miles to the gallon under ideal conditions. For the previous year I had a job in Rochdale and every weekend had to travel to London so you understand I was doing lots of miles but mostly with my second car using LPG. This car has also been used for this trip several times. Now below I have the results and the comparison with how many litres I was using before and after the installation.
With normal driving conditions and speed between 60-75 miles per hour I was using 27-28 litres of diesel to cover the 240 miles needed from home to home. In extremely hard driving conditions I had to burn 30-32 litres maximum never more than that.
In my first trip back to London after I had fitted the system I needed 17.5 litres of regular diesel, when before I needed for the same distance 240 miles, same traffic condition, and speed between 60-75 mph, 28 litres. The improvement according the results is at least 70%.
Regarding the combined drive, it does 50-55 miles with 5 litres of diesel depending on the cold starts and the traffic conditions. I must confess I was very surprised but im also very pleased because this could be the answer for the future. Now I plan to fit the system in my other car a Merc model 95 and im curious to see what the results will be.
My best regards to Neil.
London (02/03/2008)

Mazda MX5: from 25 MPG to 45 MPG

Hi Neil,
I’ve got the kit working. I adjusted the potentiometer on the MAF enhancer, slightly clockwise, till I heard the idle revs go down.
I’m already seeing a great improvement last night, and this morning, driving up the M1 motorway
I was averaging 25 mpg in my mx5* without the kit operational, now I’m doing 45 mpg !!
That’s a £80 a month saving
I havn’t fitted the PCV enhancer yet, and will fit the oxygen isolater this weekend, and that should save me even more
Very impressed, and I’d highly recommend the kit to anybody
Many Thanks,
Sheffield, UK (21/02/2008)

Manchester Black Cab: from 32 MPG to 44 MPG in the city, engine smoother, more powerful

Hi Neil, just to let you know how the kit i fitted to the cab is doing, my best fuel consumption was 32Mpg now with the kit i can acheive 40Mpg and more easily, the engine runs much smoother and has more power!

Thank you,
Martin, Black cab driver,
Manchester, UK (15/02/2008)

Update 31/03 08:
Hi Again Neil
A more accurate figure for you, after 6 weeks of use, my FX4 cab is running like a dream! it even passed the emissions test without any additive (now that is a first!) the actual mpg is 44Mpg around the city centre. Can i tell the other drivers about the kit yet?
Kindest regards

“Will have paid for itself next week!!”

Used all week and made a huge difference, will have paid for itself next week !!
(ebay feedback)

34% better mileage

I gained 34% increase on my MPG. Thanks for all your help and support.
Jonathon, South Africa

“Amazing product”

What an amazing product many thanks Neil, I will certainly recommend your product and services.
Aaron, Co Antrim (UK)

“More power and economy”

I cannot believe the cell produces so much more power and economy!, FANTASTIC!
Thank you, Colin, UK


Happy customers praising Water4Gas, its simplicity, its affordability – and the quality of Ozzie’s publications and customer support

The following readers were simply blown away (highly impressed) by the good contents – as well as the good spirit of sharing and great service – that made Water4Gas unique from day one:

“Easy and cheap…We can do something NOW”

Ozzie is brilliant in finding solutions for everyday situations that affect our environment. Once he finds the solution, he makes it easy to implement it. While big companies plan out solutions with huge plans that cost millions, Ozzie plans out solutions that the Everyday Joe or Jane can implement fast, easy and cheap. We can do something NOW about handling global warming and the pollution in our environment!
Leigh Ann (USA)

“What an incredible way to help the world!”

Water4Gas is Awesome! We are really excited about this and are looking forward to having our first system built and installed soon-not to mention paying it forward. What an incredible way to help the world! This is going to be Fun!
Thanks so much for your time, Ozzie! You are a very talented & amazing person! We’ll do our best to help share your knowledge.

Thanks again, Ozzie, for all you are doing for the World!
Have a Great Day!
Jeff & Janet L. (Minnesota, USA)

[Water4Gas Books] “Comprehensive and simple to follow”

I have pruchased this information. It is comprehensive and simple to follow. I have also spoke to Ozzie Freedom the author of this information. He appears to be on a quest. The quest to provide this information for all people who want to make a difference in helping the environment. With all time spent to gather information and creat it so others can a single source of info, I believe the cost is well spent.
~Tony [11 Jan 2008]

Ottawa Hydrogen Technology Experiment Center (Canada)


“Brilliant job…Perfect!”

Hello Ozzie
You have accomplished a brilliant job. I am really looking up to you and admire what you have created. Perfect! Congratulations.
I am deeply impressed about the progress being made generally in the field of application of watergas not only in the automotive sector. This nourishes my conviction that the industry (from oil to automotion and heat-producing) and the tax collectors can no longer withstand the avalanche of Technical Breakthrough.

Of course, this is high time to join the positive forces: I decided to go for it. Here is the future of my children and grand children and their mates.
Best to You
Hubertus A. (Grünwald, Germany)

Man on a mission says: “WE ARE GOING TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD!”

THANKS OZZIE. What you’re doing is revolutionary! This is my calling.
Believe it or not I have known for a long time, ever since my childhood ,I was going to do this. I didn’t know exactly what or when or how but the concept of using water for energy has been tugging on my conscience ever since I understood what water was made of and the potential within that tiny molecule.

I am a Christian, not the talking kind but the walking kind. I have prayed for a revelation as to what it was god was calling me to do. Slowly over  the course of the past 10 years it has been revealed a little at a time. When I found your web site my ,whole life, everything I had learned ,culminated in that moment. I remembered all those little hints I had been given. Like I said god was calling me. I couldn’t escape it but didn’t know what I was to do. I’ve known for about 5 years I was supposed to go to Mexico then to south America to spread the good news but something was missing. This is it.

As soon as I can get enough funds together I’m taking this device to Mexico then to south America to distribute it for free. Thats what he wants me to do and thats what I will do. I’m going to help teach them how to manufacture it and by then we will have electric generators running on HHO alone as well, this is a new revelation. I am going to help set them up with generators. The people down there are paying way more for gas then we are and they have far less resources to do it.

So far I’ve got most of the materials to replicate the first one which was quite a struggle considering I’m dirt poor and just lost my job but god has made a way for me. He will continue to provide. I’m nearly overwhelmed as I type this. Constantly fighting back tears. My mission is finally clear..

That ancient snake will still drive the world into destruction but we will stave him off for a while and we will help wake the masses to his lies. Those lies he has handed down to our political and corporate masters , through which we have been controlled since the first humans. This is the time of awakening and we will be the rooster that crows at the dawning of the sun.

[Water4Gas Books] “Very Well Written”

Recently purchased one of your manuals. Thought I’d tell you it’s very well written! I appreciate all the documentation you’ve put into it.
M.E. (Orlando, FL, USA)

“By far the cheapest and most simple step by step instructions” (1999 Toyota Corolla)

“This site blows them all away”

I purchased all the components for the HHO system….This is a wonderful thing to finally see happen. I knew there were others out there trying to create GREEN energy and sell it, but this site blows them all away. Many thank you’s for the posting of such a great collection of information. Hopefully I can add to it in the near future.

–Eric from Wisconsin (USA)

“The best”

This is byfar the best Water Power device I have seen!

[Water4Gas Books] “Easy to follow”

I must compliment you on your book. It is well written and easy to follow. I was impressed with the time you took, explaining everything a novice needed to understand.
–J.R. (Washington, USA)

Carter Blankenship wrote:

“Thank You Very Much for your product, time, research, and support; you guys are true pioneers!!!”

“I’m sold!”

Hello Ozzie,
I only ‘found-out’ about hydrogen technology within the last MONTH..!
<> I mean, that there are kits & plans available for the average guy to do it NOW..!

Your Water4 is a mesmerizing website = = I’m sold!
So it seems too good an opportunity to pass up.
I will be back tomorrow to purchase your two e-books.
~R.A. Foreman (USA)


I have the greatest respect for Ozzie – and consider him a friend.
I have also found him to be a man of character.  Trustworthy.  His credentials, degrees and experience – are all greater than mine. …I LOVE the guy for sharing this with us!   Giving US a chance to get out of the ditch! = and Being Able therefore, to help others!
~R.A. Foreman (USA)

Fabricio Brebion from Expedicion Alegria (Happiness Expedition – endorses hydrogen-on-demand in general and Water4Gas in particular

This is an unsolicited testimonial – he found us and asked our cooperation in making this movie. Fabricio has been helping mankind for 2 decades now. Since he travels a lot, Water4Gas helps him save fuel, and he even says that the 4-cylinder engine feels like a 6-cylinder. He interviewed Ozzie at home and also filmed one of the Water4Gas weekend events in Woodley Park:

Alberto Cabilan shares Water4Gas History

Water4Gas legacy on Israeli TV – showing the electronic mileage enhancer from Ozzie’s publications

In the first video, the electronics are described from 0:45 to 0:55, The second video gives a few more details from 2:00 to 2:17.

The next video is not from TV yet it explains what it does:

What you have seen above is just the tip of the iceberg…

The testimonials listed and shown above are only those we could clearly identify as readers of the Water4Gas Books, our students – and THEIR students and clients. However, you can find thousands more Water4Gas experimenters, manufacturers and sellers on various platforms such as:

  39. …and that’s just what we could find in English – surely there are many more in other languages. All in all, hundreds of thousands of products, references, images, publications, discussions, slideshows, videos, you name it.