B.C. man builds mobile home fueled by vegetable oil, solar power

Dustin Bowers from British Columbia, Canada, is planning to hit the road on a cross-country adventure, fueled by waste vegetable oil and powered by the sun. Dustin says he and his girlfriend, Kylie Hayward, are in the final stages of renovating a Blue Bird school bus that will become their new eco-friendly home-on-wheels.


I have one very “green” suggesting, though:

Dustin, while you’re at it, add an HHO (“Brown’s Gas“) to your engine to make it use even less veggie oil, make this awesome ride even more enjoyable because of reduced vibration and noise, add power to the engine (you’ll have some hills to climb…) and have the coolest hybrid motor home in the world:

  1. Diesel power by Veggie Oil
  2. HHO
  3. Solar.

To see Dustin Bowers’ bus and story click here.

Source: Emily Chan, CTVNews.ca, January 20, 2016