Interactive Troubleshooter is back online!

This is great news if you are experimenting with a Water4Gas jar system or similar.

I have just updated and re-installed our unique Interactive Troubleshooter because in my humble opinion it is the best tech support tool in the DIY Waterfuel industry, that works 24/7 whenever you need an answer. This tool allows any visitor, free of charge, to find solutions to any technical problem we have encountered with Water4Gas DIY systems or any similar system. Nearly 70 topics are covered, from a blowing fuse to freezing water, how to work with multi-cell systems and much more.

But the most painful problem has always been the money – experimenters worldwide wanted to save fuel and thus the top issue, and the hardest to solve, was always “Mileage Not Improving“. The good news: the complete answers are back online and even better than ever. But I wanted to stress the importance of properly tackling the mileage issue. If this is your problem, read the following article. If you have a different problem first, access the Interactive Troubleshooter now.

How to Get the Best Possible Mileage!

You are not going to see a lot of mileage improvement if you do not follow ALL of the instructions and methods described in the Water4Gas books and DVDs. I’m not here to tell you what to do with your vehicle or with your life, but the instructions are there in plain English and you should follow them if you want to have a fair chance at great mileage and drastically reduced emissions.

  • Not reading the updated Water4Gas Manuals (eBooks) or watching the complete DVD set. “Quick fix” people are moving slow because they are missing on important techniques and tips. In the extreme, people who haven’t read one chapter have taken the duty upon themselves to tell the world that Water4Gas is a hoax and that nothing can be done to improve mileage or to prevent harmful emissions.
  • What the DRIVER is doing matters! Certain driving techniques and maintenance tips are described that include velocity control, tire pressure, fuel additives, oil, filters and more, but some drivers neglect or refuse to change their driving habits and maintenance habits. This is fine as long as they do not complain about poor results.
  • I have never guaranteed my readers mileage or smog test results. I never guaranteed their safety or their vehicle’s health. Some of my students simply forget that they are EXPERIMENTERS.
  • My experimental VW Jetta with Water4Gas systems
    My experimental VW Jetta with Water4Gas systems

    When experimenters present complaints it is ALWAYS because they did not follow my lead – I never give up and this is how I have blazed the trail for others to follow. In other words, those who complain do so BEFORE they’ve tried every method and every solution offered to them, which is what I HAD TO DO before being able to write my books. It’s so much easier today that the technology has matured, and while the tech is not perfect it is complete and should therefore be followed with persistence until one gets good results.

  • Expecting too much is also a common mistake. Let me explain. Double mileage has been achieved by many but if someone expects nothing less than the most spectacular story then excellent gains such as 22% better economy on a semi-trailer (18-wheeler truck) could be counted as “failure”.

Take this journey with a sense of responsibility – remember that you are an experimenter. Results come easy for some folks but not for everybody, yet almost every experimenter can achieve great results with PERSISTENCE. If you don’t get great mileage right away, or if you fail to reduce your emissions, or if your system or installation fails at first, do not despair. Take the time to study and analyze, work at it step by step until all stumbling blocks are removed.

Happy Mileage!
Ozzie Freedom