Every European Diesel Maker Cheated on Emissions Tests

Source: Stephen Edelstein,
Contributing Writer,
Green Car Reports,
Sep 9, 2016

It has been said that the Volkswagen Diesel scandal is only the tip of a (dirty) iceberg. This scandals exposed not only how Volkswagen incorrectly handled its emissions tests – but also how all new vehicles are tested for emissions standards compliance.

Volkswagen’s use of illegal “cheating software” showed the limitations of lab emissions tests – and also the incapacity of the system to expose the cheated tests in time to notify the public.

Since the big scandals has hit millions of headlines worldwide, other discrepancies between lab tests and REAL ROAD driving have been exposed.

Stephen Edelstein reports that “Now one study suggests that virtually every automaker selling diesel cars in Europe cheated on emissions tests there.”

Well, this takes the scandal to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Edelstein ends his article with this troubling question: “Because what good are stricter emissions standards if no carmaker adheres to them?”

Good question! All I can tell you now is that if you want to know HOW they cheat and WHY the cheat – read the original article: