Conspiracy Unlimited: Richard Syrett interviews Ozzie Freedom

New podcast with Richard Syrett of the unique show CONSPIRACY UNLIMITED, in which he interviews Ozzie Freedom about water-fuel technology and news. Click the link below to listen or download to listen later in your car, office or at home:

Show #23: The Water Engine: Do-It-Yourself Kit Allows You To Dramatically Increase Fuel Efficiency

Click to listen to the show or download to your PC/phone to listen later
Click to listen to the show or download to your PC/phone to listen later

“Richard Syrett speaks with a web author and web designer with a background in electronics about an alternative fuel technology that can greatly increase gas mileage while reducing emissions.”

“GUEST: Ozzie Freedom is the director, researcher and System-Integrator  at WaterfuelPro Limited based in Israel and Hong Kong.  Beginning in 2006 he developed and marketed open-source fuel/smog reduction systems for diesel/gasoline/gas engines. He wrote and published a bestseller book series (55,000 sold) and DVD Series (15,000 discs sold), and trained 2,500 small businesses on how to build and sell Waterfuel systems.  He taught roughly 250,000 students and experimenters the DIY side of Waterfuel technology.  In 2013 he built and launched a geo-based system for promotion, management and support of this global movement.”


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