George Wiseman: “Though it is possible to make Brown’s Gas implode, mostly it explodes”

Let’s settle this debate once and for all: does Brown’s Gas implode or explode? George Wiseman of Eagle Research, Canada, has the world’s most experience and knowledge regarding Brown’s Gas, and he says:

“Though it is possible to make Brown’s Gas implode, mostly it explodes.”

“Brown’s Gas is a mixture of mon-atomic and di-atomic hydrogen and oxygen in a 2:1 hydrogen to oxygen ratio. So there are four molecules which are mixed in varying ratios; H hydrogen, O oxygen, H2 di-hydrogen and O2 di-oxygen. But all in all, in the mixture there are two hydrogen atoms for every one oxygen atom.

“When the mixture has very little mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen there is the typical violent di-atomic hydrogen explosion. This is because the breaking of the bonds in the di-atomic gasses requires energy and the energy comes from the atomic energy of the reaction itself. There is so much heat, so fast, that there is a violent expansion, or explosion. Once the explosion has happened, it is followed immediately by an implosion; because the split atoms are mon-atomic and can now combine to form water.”

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Source: George Wiseman,

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