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Ozzie Freedom
Ozzie Freedom

Hi! Ozzie Freedom here I’m about to teach you how to save fuel. You may have heard that water cannot be turned to fuel – but that’s where I come in with DOABLE and AFFORDABLE and WIDELY PROVEN technology for you – free of charge.

Simply said, Water4Gas is a technology to save fuel in transportation (cars, bikes, trucks) using water. We teach it so YOU can do it yourself. Alternatively, train your mechanic – or your Fleet Manager – train him to do everything from understanding the technology all the way to successful implementation of the technology.

waterfuel-science-coverWater4Gas is the simplest do-it-yourself branch of a much larger technology called Waterfuel (for clarity, we spell it as a single capitalized word), which encompasses many methods to extract free energy from water. The complete science of Water and its many validations are now detailed in a large 900-page book titled The GREEN SCIENCE of Waterfuel.

The entire Water4Gas technology is very low-cost and open-source. This means that there are NO ROYALTIES to pay by anyone to anyone; in fact, thousands of small businesses around the world were opened over the years to serve others with this free tech. Products are being sold right now on eBay, Alibaba and other Asian marketplaces as well as privately-owned websites. Some of them use the Water4Gas name and/or logo, but they are not my employees or partners and they never pay me a red cent. Free is free.

Your best 3 resources for better fuel economy

Free Books

water4gas-2covers_midThe Water4Gas books you can download if you haven’t already – these are the 2016 books, all there. If you ever find an old version and something is missing in 2016, it’s because it was removed after I discovered it was more trouble than savings. The books are complete.


W4G DVD photo - NitsanThe Water4Gas DVD set is there so I can show you exactly how I manufacture a system and install it. Follow my hands, practice it and you become faster, more professional. The DVD’s are not a must-have but it helps to watch them several times – and another advantage is you can freely teach classes of any size, show it to others instead of repeating it all yourself. Just in case this is useful in the future.

Free Tech Support

Once you start installing, you will need a free tool that I installed on the website, it’s called the Interactive Troubleshooter (links in the books where needed). You can always email me, but this tool is faster – you follow whatever problem or question you have and it gives you the answer. The biggest problem is the computer and you will see that this tool gives the biggest answer and number of solutions accordingly. interactive-troubleshooterThis, too, has been revised in 2016 with our best and latest knowledge.

With these 3 things you’re pretty much covered. And I’m here too.

Keep in touch, I’d love to hear how everything goes, send me photos, questions and stories.

Happy Mileage!

Ozzie Freedom