Who is Ozzie Freedom?

Is he hiding in Bin Laden’s old cave?

Ozzie Freedom
Ozzie Freedom


My real and only name is Ozzie Freedom. I’m the Founder of Water4Gas. Am I hiding in Bin-Laden’s old cave? The answer is below. I’m alive and well in Israel, working on Water4Gas and other Waterfuel projects.

Below you can see full-scale, verifiable data about me and my good record – and you’re always welcome to contact me for more details.  The purpose of exposing all this personal information is to safeguard my good name, as well as the reputation of Water4Gas and all Waterfuel.


  1. Identification USA+Israel
  2. Clean Criminal Records
  3. Ozzie Freedom Biography


Identification USA+Israel

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Ozzie Freedom Drivers License +Green Card Ozzie Freedom Passport (new) Ozzie Freedom Passport (old)


Clean Criminal Records

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USA (2001-2010): State of California, Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information — PERFECTLY CLEAN RECORD a few days before the end of my 10-year residence in California (I never lived in Texas or any other American State):

Clean Record CA 2001-2010 (2)

Israeli Police (2014): PERFECTLY CLEAN RECORD!

Clean Record IL 2014 (4)

Israeli Police (2016): still, a PERFECTLY CLEAN RECORD!

Clean Record IL 2016 (2)


Ozzie Freedom Biography

NOTE: This bio is abridged. In 40 years of high-tech industry, research & development, inventions and publications I’ve done enough to fill up a book. Contact me for any details you need including names, places, company names, etc.; my only request is that you identify yourself clearly as I have done here.


  • 1991: Tel-Aviv University Tech School, Computer Maintenance Course
  • 1976: The Air Force Technical School, Haifa, Fire Control Systems Technician (7-month tech course)
  • 1971-1976: Israeli Air Force Technological College (Amal-Holtz), Tel-Aviv, Electronics Diploma (5-year tech course)

Occupational Experience

  • 2016: Research & System Integrator – WaterfuelPro (HK)
    Part of an international team of Cleantech engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that Waterfuel (energy/ecology boost with water) does not replace but is superior to Solar and Wind, and is therefore worth pursuing (details/contacts: www.WaterfuelPro.com)
  • 2006-Today: Founder, Developer, Business Copywriter, Tech Writer – Water4Gas (USA)
    Developed fuel saving systems for diesel and gasoline engines. Wrote and published bestseller book series (55,000 sold) and DVD Series (roughly 15,000 discs sold), taught 2500 small businesses how to build and sell water-fuel systems, created a base of 160,000 students and readers – most water-fuel YouTube videos and other publications are by these students. During 2007-2012 authored and developed web sites that exposed the technology to an estimated 20 million people by clever use of affiliates rather than advertising. In 2013 built and launched a geo-based system for promotion, management and support of the global movement. Redesigned 2016 as online magazine and self-publication center. The major achievement of this career was to help 1000’s of people around the world save fuel and get active in a global movement, hence building a large base of allies and JV’s for future projects.


  • 1997-Today: Web Author & Website Developer – various companies
    Managed app/site development teams. Authored and designed web sites with secure electronic commerce including automatic affiliate/client management, graphics (banners, branding, packaging), geographical apps, social apps and related legal documents such as Terms of Use and NDA’s.
  • 2005-2006: System Admin – Ultimate Creations, Inc. (Los Angles, California)
    Assumed responsibility over the company’s neglected computer system and performed upgrades, documentation, team training and procedure assimilation, security management and maintenance of headquarters computer network. Also managed their web-based client and field agent system.
  • 1993-2001: Senior Technical Writer – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Airborne Industry (IAI) and others
    As part of his duties wrote, edited and translated a dozens of complex technical documents (roughly 20,000 pages), mainly in English for export. Wrote, edited and assisted watchdog functions of large contracts and RFP’s.
  • 1984-1993: Technician, Installer, Field/Sales Rep – Agate Security (Cape Town, South Africa), Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Factories, Israel Science Instruments (Ramat Gan) & various others
    Invented, developed, constructed, programmed, upgraded and maintained various electronic systems in the fields of science labs (chromatography, photometry), security, agriculture processing automation, leather and shoe manufacturing, TV and sound, commerce automation, robotics, industrial automation and more.
  • 1982-1984: Radar Development Engineer – Elta Electronics Ltd. (Ashdod)
    Developed test equipment for a military radar system.
  • 1971-1975: Instructor – Israel Aeronautics Club (Holon)
    Instructed teenagers in building and flying model airplanes, including theory of aerodynamics, piston engines and maintenance.

Military Service

1976-1981: Sergeant First Class, Israeli Air Force, Hatzerim Air Base & Flight Academy
F4E Fire Control System (AN/APQ-120 by Westinghouse Defense and Electronic Systems Center), MSDG Display System (Hazeltine Corporation) and Flight Simulator: performed Class A-D maintenance levels, trained and commanded maintenance teams, developed special maintenance solutions for Air Force Command, commanded by Brigadier-General Yaakov Terner.

Distinguished Service Award -- Brigadier-General Yaakov Terner
Upper left: Brigadier-General Yaakov Terner. For security reasons, the lower right photo is not from Israeli Air Force. Click image for full size.

The story of the award, in short: I always performed and served well beyond what was expected of me. The story is just one example out of many that got me this “Distinguished Excellence Award” from one of our bravest pilots and best commanders, Brigadier-General Yaakov Terner.

Westinghouse supplied us with the AN/APQ-120 radar system which wasn’t too bad, but the MSDG Display System was less than reliable – thus it was too hard to maintain with normal Air Force (very restricted) budget and (too short) manpower. That system kept breaking down even under my best care. The proper Air Force channels for maintenance failed to help and I was getting short on pilot display units. The problem was that we, the strongest jet-fighter squadron in the south of Israel, were in charge of protecting Israeli air space from Egyptian/Russian air strikes and long-range missiles. I felt hugely responsible for the survival of my family and my country. But my hands were tied. Or were they?

One day I took things into my own hands and decided to invent and build a technical solution to the problem. Without asking for permission, I used a few spare parts and built myself a system to salvage display units locally (i.e., without relying on Air Force help). I built it – and it solved the problem immediately! Now our Phantom jet fighter airplanes were always ready for battle. Well, at least in my Air Base. One day my Flight Commander, Major D.L., inquired about the “new strange contraption” on my workbench. I explained, and he exclaimed: “But that’s illegal – we’re not allowed to do that!” I calmly answered: “Sir, all you have to do is tell me to cease and will no longer use it. But you will not have enough airplanes ready for battle.” Major D.L replied: “No, no, don’t stop, let me think, I’ll get back with you,” and walked away.

After a day or two the Flight Commander returned and said: “Here’s what we’ll do. You will document your invention in full and the procedure you use to salvage the units. I will send it up to Air Force Command, see what they say.” I replied: “Yes, sir!” and did exactly as he ordered, using my writing and documentation skills to prepare an orderly (though hand-drawn and hand-written) folder. He sent my folder to Air Force Command and we waited. I continued to use my invention – it was critical to our survival. About two month later we received a new T.O. (Technical Order) commanding everybody in the Air Force to make and use my invention; Air Force Command copied my documents verbatim.

My invention turned from “That’s illegal!” to “You MUST do exactly what…you’ve been doing all along!” and I was proud. Also, I was the only techie who didn’t need to change anything – I already had the original contraption built and working daily. It was also a very important lesson:

“If something needs to be done – do it! The world will follow.”



  • Born: 21 August, 1957
  • Given Name at Birth: Eyal Siman Tov (now removed, gone, deleted, obsolete and never used since 2005, see below).
  • Name Change: 14 November, 2005, changed to Ozzie Freedom, see documents below (click any image to enlarge). The first one is the actual name change by the State of Israel, while the second record shows the decree by the Superior Court of Los Angeles, agreeing with the former; it took 2 years of red tape to get it approved in USA – but the name change was made in 2005 and it was NOT to hide anything but to prevent the many mistakes made by the DMV, banks and Government agencies with the original name. Seriously – who in his right mind would choose “Ozzie Freedom” to hide his identity? This name is so unique that it stands out like a sore thumb everywhere I walk upon the face of the Earth!




Do you still think I’m hiding in Bin Laden’s old cave?