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IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re now at Water4Gas.com where you can learn to build fuel savers or find kits for cars and small trucks. If you’re looking for solutions for saving fuel on LARGE DIESELS (over 250 hp) or any other industrial application such as turbines and boilers, then please contact us for further guidance.


Introduction by Fabricio

Welcome to the original Water4Gas website! Yes, there are so many similar names out there – but we ARE the original – the brand that has become a buzzword. The website has been rebuilt from the ground up and modernized, but we’re still the same group – with the same technology.

Fabricio Brebion from Expedicion Alegria (Happiness Expedition www.expedicionalegria.org) decided that the world needs to know about Water4Gas. Fabricio has been helping mankind for many years; since he travels a lot, Water4Gas helps him save fuel, and he even says that now his 4-cylinder engine feels like a 6-cylinder:

5 Top ways YOU can benefit from this, too:

  1. Get the DIY books for free (the DVD Set is helpful if you can afford a modest price) and build your own system, or…
  2. Order ready made systems from professional independent providers,
  3. Experiment! If you run into trouble use our tech support,
  4. If some people tell you that it’s scientifically unsound, show them this book on the SCIENCE of Waterfuel,
  5. Enjoy the savings and cleaner air – and tell us your success story.

The Story of Water4Gas

Hi, my name is Ozzie Freedom. This is MY REAL AND ONLY NAME anywhere in the world! You can see all my ID’s and Police Records here. I am a citizen of Israel with no criminal record anywhere in the world, a good track record with the Air Force, with our defense industry (top clearance, never betrayed the trust given in me) and I’m well-known in the hi-tech industry for being a trustworthy professional.

I created this page to tell you the real story of Water4Gas and how it fits in the story of Waterfuel. “Waterfuel” is the general term for all methods to extract free energy from water (read the book “The GREEN SCIENCE of Waterfuel” for details).

How I came to founding Water4Gas has its background in 1983 when I got fascinated with the subject of free energy and discovered that the US Patent office has registered many Patents about it. Everybody wants free energy – and millions of people dream about driving their cars and motorcycles with water instead of fossil fuel. Is it just a dream?

In war-zone Israel we always face “insurmountable” challenges – but we have no choice but to win or get killed – it’s as simple as that. Coming from decades of hi-tech success despite this explosive environment, when in 2005 I was faced with the “impossible” challenge of taking the Waterfuel industry to new heights despite lack of funds, I decided TO DO THE OPPOSITE of what everybody else seemed to be doing, which was THEY WERE KEEPING SECRETS. Lots of secrets, many of those were  pretended secrets; I mean, some of my “competitors” were pretending to have “proprietary tech” yet all they had was a small clever innovation but NOT NEW TECH – because most of the tech was already in the public domain. It was NOT SIMPLE, it was NOT AFFORDABLE, it was NOT ACCESSIBLE to everyone, but it was there.

So, THE OPPOSITE OF KEEPING SECRETS, I realized, would be TO SPILL THE BEANS in all directions, to expose every possible “secret” and even create tools to SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE OF WATERFUEL faster than wildfire. How do you do all that with zero budget, I asked myself.

The solution came in 2006 when I founded the Water4Gas Experimenters Club. Its principle of operation was to spread EVERY PIECE OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE I discover, always and INSTANTLY – while collecting feedback and experimentation notes from all members; then I would organize the data and RE-DISTRIBUTE ALL THE KNOWLEDGE BACK TO MY MEMBERS and so forth in a never ending SELF-FEEDING CYCLE, you see? Members were promised lifetime updates, a promise we keep to date. I started a simple website and demonstrated the club principle with these two diagrams – and people loved the idea:



Between 2006-2007 I manufactured over 200 systems – in large batches – in order to learn how HOME-BASED mass production should optimally go. The result was staggering: I found out how to manufacture professional Waterfuel devices – a complete system for as little as $53 and only $15 for a fully functional electrolyzer. I did it in my tiny bedroom WITHOUT power tools. Whenever somebody suggested a new or old piece of technology to be added, I used a simple formula to test its usefulness for us:

Can anybody in any country do this with half a brain and two broken pliers?

Seriously – this formula kept things simple enough. Now I could teach valuable, more stable, low-cost simple methods that actually work. Soon after in August 2007 I used my broad experience as a senior tech writer and eBook publisher to write and self-publish the best Waterfuel pair of eBooks – the Water4Gas best-seller books (now a free download) that sold 55,000 copies (to clients in over 150 states and countries) and taught the world how to SAVE FUEL and REDUCE EMISSIONS in safe with VERY-VERY-LOW-COST methods. In 2008 my son Nitsan Simantov directed, filmed and created a large and highly professional DVD series to SHOW how everything is built, installed and tuned. Together, these products spilled the beans (disclose secrets) on free energy like nobody has ever done before. The lies that said “free energy is impossible” and “fuel saving techniques are rocket science” as well as “even if you could, it must be prohibitively expensive” have been exposed naked.

Once exposed, a secret loses all its power.
~Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

The original DIY tech was learned from two sources:

  1. Tom Lang and Bill Lang from the USA who gave the basic jar configuration,
  2. George Wiseman (www.eagle-research.com) from British Columbia, Canada, who had invented the EFIE device for solving the computer problem (see books/DVD) and gave all of us the basic understanding of Brown’s Gas.

This technology quickly grew better and larger with my enhancements and inputs from many other experimenters who had small trucks, big trucks, boats, motorcycles, old cars and new cars that I didn’t have to experiment with – the Water4Gas Experimenters Club turned out to be a treasure of information that’s all focused on one technology. The result: the system shown below was and still the most affordable Hydrogen-On-Demand system – aimed at the backyard tinkerer, struggling families and poor countries. I taught at least 2500 businesses from around the world EXACTLY (part by part, penny by penny) how to manufacture it quickly and cheaply AT HOME OR GARAGE; the Water4Gas books and DVD showed them how to install, how to fine tune for maximal mileage and how to troubleshoot technical problems – the biggest of them being the loss of mileage gains due to anti-economy engine design.

Many individual students and businesses have told and showed their successful installations in front of TV cameras and other media. Water4Gas became widely known with the help of YouTube, Google and 1000’s of websites and blogs that told the story to their readers. In fact it was Sterling D. Allan who first exposed the Water4Gas story on his website Pure Energy System News – and immediately my phone started ringing off the hook (thanks, Sterling!). This was my first sign that people all over the world were actively looking for practical Waterfuel solutions to extortionate fuel prices.

Unsolicited TV News and web testimonials started telling the public about EXTRAORDINARY MILEAGE, sometimes DOUBLE MILEAGE and even triple mileage. I spent my book sale income on giving the best tech support and customer service that the industry has ever seen, aided by my 30+ staff working 18 hours a day across several time zones. The result was overflowing popularity – and success stories from cars, light trucks, semi-trailer trucks, motorcycles and boats that used Water4Gas successfully. The weekly Water4Gas events (some shown below) featured my students’s cars and products, and have become so popular that people enthusiastically traveled from Japan, Korea, Hawaii and distant states to personally witness the technology and the movement. Somebody (not me) titled these events “The Mecca of Water4Gas” because it as always there in Woodley Park (near Van Nuys, California), same hour every Saturday, rain or shine.


Some results were beyond my wildest expectations. For example, Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia has more than DOUBLED THE MILEAGE of his then-new 2008 Chevy Avalanche from 20 to 40 MPG on the highway – and in town he NEARLY TRIPLED from 8 to 20 MPG! Not only Art Green but also Ray Warren from Millersburg, Oregon and many, many others (including myself with gasoline and Diesel cars) have achieved AND HAVE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED “unbelievable” mileage gains after some fine tuning. Water4Gas success stories kept pouring in faster than I could collect them. Some 150 SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATIONS and thank-you letters are documented here and they are only samples out of 1000’s of happy customers.

art-green-3    ray-warrent-katu-news
Police DIY installation - Honea Path, SC  diesel3

Millions of people eventually got exposed to the idea that Waterfuel is a valid technology that doesn’t take rocket scientists to implement. From day one, my leading policy was to keep things SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE lest the technology wouldn’t be able to serve anybody from any financial or technical background.

That’s the story in short. The good news is that now FREE ENERGY FROM WATER – including Water4Gas – are here to stay. Use it and share your story with us.

Happy Mileage!

Ozzie Freedom