10-Disc Water4Gas DVD Set

Does it even work???


Want to learn how you, too, can learn how to get this technology in full? ORDER THE DVD SET

With this DVD set you will be able to sit in the comfort of your living room and ACTUALLY SEE OZZIE FREEDOM as he shows you every little detail.

The new set includes seven DVD’s jam-packed with information and how-to’s (plus extra 3 CD’s that make a total of 10 discs in the set):

  1. Discover the simple principles on how to make hydrogen from water safely and inexpensively. No big science – just sheer simplicity!
  2. How to build a simple, inexpensive hydrogen-on-demand system.
  3. Easy to follow instructions with diagrams, part lists.

W4G DVD photo - Nitsan

You will be able to FOLLOW OZZIE’S HANDS AND TOOLS as he builds every part of the simple system right before your eyes:

  • Every little part is shown and specified.
  • You will learn how to install and operate your system.
  • Learn how to maintain and troubleshoot your system.
  • Learn the history of the Water4Gas technology – as well as new exciting applications that you can do, such as healthy drinking water.
  • You will learn our special techniques to MAXIMIZE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY using your hydrogen system.
  • How to fine tune several unique enhancers for best efficiency. You will be able to MAKE and FINE TUNE these enhancers.
  • Revolutionary fuel additives you can make at home.
  • Driving techniques, vehicle maintenance, and much more.
  • Everything you need to save money using Water4Gas.
  • The valuable knowledge and insight from these DVD’s will give you an opportunity to get involved in the Water4Gas Global Movement.

Are you thinking of Water4Gas as a possible business opportunity? In this DVD Set you will get the information you need to start a business for yourself as a manufacturer, vendor or installer.

NOTE: These are not books or downloads! You will receive – in the mail – a set of SEVEN actual DVD’s that you will watch on your TV or computer!

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